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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe my BABY BOY is 8 today! WAH! Time sure flies! He is such a joy! I have loved every minute so far! Even the crabby ones! I wouldn't change a thing! I am so proud of the little guy he is becoming! Such a perfect little man!

Here are 8 things I LOVE about My Drewy:
1. He loves all sports and fully believes he will become pro in each
2. He is so close to his Sister it's scary
3. He is a great friend, always there to help
4. He is a hard worker, he can outwork me in the yard, seriously
5. He LOVES hard rock, lol, LOVES, too funny! Thanks Guitar Hero
6. He LOVES all animals and wants to be a zoologist (def. Dad's genes, ha)
7. He is so OCD like both his parents, he is a total perfectionist
8. He is great in school and such a well mannered boy (he saves it up for Mom :0) )

Drew is such an amazing kid, kind, caring, compassionate, stubborn oh man, he talks non stop like Me & my Dad! I am so thankful God chose me to be his Mommy! I LOVE this little man SO MUCH!

Here is the questionnaire I always ask the kiddos every year:
1. Favorite Color: Blue
2. Favorite Food: Lobster (ha! He has champagne taste for sure)
3. What do you want to be when you grow up? Rockstar
4. Who do you want to Marry? Mommy
5. Who is your best friend? Aiden
6. What is your favorite Movie? Planet Earth
7. What is your favorite T.V. Show? Suvivorman
8. What is your favorite Hobby? Tetherball
9. Favorite Song or Singer: Bon Jovi Livin' on a Prayer
10. Who did you most look up to? My Parents
11. What is your biggest yearly accomplishment? Getting straight A's again.

Ok, I am off to get my brother from the airport, he flew in to see Haliee's last tournament day, and also Drew's BDay and Haliee's Graduation next week! HOORAY! We LOVE Uncle Matt! Drew is still sleeping so I made him a little note & Some oatmeal with 8 candles, lol. I will post it later. Then we are off to the ball fields (Surprise, lol)! HUGS Tab


Beki said...

Happy Birthday Drew. I can't believe he is eight. They are growing up way too fast.

Tracy said...

Gosh he's CUTE Tab!!! I hope he had a GREAT day!!! Sad how fast they grow up!

Sharon said...

Happy late Birthday to Drew! What a cutie

kaydensgracedesigns said...

Awww thanks guys! He is the best! HUGS Tab

Jumpin Jilli Bean Baby said...

sighhhhhhhhhh.....He's 8....I remember when he was born. :( Seems just like yesterday. He has grown into such a good good boy! You and Hal must be so proud!

Please give him a hug for me!! :)