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Thursday, May 21, 2009

5th Grade Trip!

The 5th Graders took a field trip a few weeks ago to Spokane to a little amusement park called Riverfront Park. It is a beautiful park with falls that go through it. They have a few rides, an original carousel, ice skating, an imax, mini golf, etc. They also have a cool gondola ride over the falls. The kids got to watch a movie in the IMAX, ride the carousel, and the gondola. It was fun! Here are a few pics of the "experience" I can't believe these babies are going to middle school, WAHHH!
Here was the group I chaperoned! :0)
Don't laugh too hard! This is what I look like with no makeup, scary, I know, but it was early when we left! The window was down in the bus, so my hair is going crazy, lol, it was harder than you think to take a pic of yourselves crammed in a bus seat, lol!
This carousel is super fun because they have these rings you have to lean out and grab and then throw into a hole around the other side of the carousel. I made it while standing and leaning, I SO almost fell off the dang carousel! It was funny! The guy standing behind Haliee is a 5th grade teachers (not hers) but he dared me to try and make it, so he got to laugh at me when I almost fell, but I made it, so HA! we are in the gondola ride. The falls are so beautiful and I love the architecture of downtown Spokane! Lots of old bridges, churches, and buildings! So cool! The pics were taken through the plexiglass of the gondola, so they aren't perfect, but so pretty!

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