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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe my BABY BOY is 8 today! WAH! Time sure flies! He is such a joy! I have loved every minute so far! Even the crabby ones! I wouldn't change a thing! I am so proud of the little guy he is becoming! Such a perfect little man!

Here are 8 things I LOVE about My Drewy:
1. He loves all sports and fully believes he will become pro in each
2. He is so close to his Sister it's scary
3. He is a great friend, always there to help
4. He is a hard worker, he can outwork me in the yard, seriously
5. He LOVES hard rock, lol, LOVES, too funny! Thanks Guitar Hero
6. He LOVES all animals and wants to be a zoologist (def. Dad's genes, ha)
7. He is so OCD like both his parents, he is a total perfectionist
8. He is great in school and such a well mannered boy (he saves it up for Mom :0) )

Drew is such an amazing kid, kind, caring, compassionate, stubborn oh man, he talks non stop like Me & my Dad! I am so thankful God chose me to be his Mommy! I LOVE this little man SO MUCH!

Here is the questionnaire I always ask the kiddos every year:
1. Favorite Color: Blue
2. Favorite Food: Lobster (ha! He has champagne taste for sure)
3. What do you want to be when you grow up? Rockstar
4. Who do you want to Marry? Mommy
5. Who is your best friend? Aiden
6. What is your favorite Movie? Planet Earth
7. What is your favorite T.V. Show? Suvivorman
8. What is your favorite Hobby? Tetherball
9. Favorite Song or Singer: Bon Jovi Livin' on a Prayer
10. Who did you most look up to? My Parents
11. What is your biggest yearly accomplishment? Getting straight A's again.

Ok, I am off to get my brother from the airport, he flew in to see Haliee's last tournament day, and also Drew's BDay and Haliee's Graduation next week! HOORAY! We LOVE Uncle Matt! Drew is still sleeping so I made him a little note & Some oatmeal with 8 candles, lol. I will post it later. Then we are off to the ball fields (Surprise, lol)! HUGS Tab

Friday, May 29, 2009

Penguins, Picnics, Pizza Parties, & Precious Babies!

What a week!~ I have been running around like a maniac! I promise to edit the best camping trip ever pics, SOMEDAY, lol! Anyway, here is a few little moments of our life this week!
Thursday was Drew's last game, then the pizza party/awards ceremony immediately following! Zoe & Sophie went with us and everyone had a blast! Here is Sophie on the way to the game with Haliee's Peace Scarf on, lol! :0)

Here is Drew waiting for and going to get his award, I swear he ran away so fast I couldn't even snap the pic of him receiving it. UGH!

Today was the Chorus Picnic for all the kiddos who were in Chorus this year! These girls are such goofs! LOVE them!
Drew had to an Animal Report due Monday and he chose Penguins! They are his total CRACK! He LOVES Penguins. He did a diorama too, ALL BY HIMSELF! I held my OCD back and let him have free reign, was so hard! So cute!

Today while I was making dinner the kids were just hanging out! They ran through the sprinklers, colored, etc. Sophie is addicted to all our webkins! She was a crack up trying to carry them everywhere. She would take about 3 steps & scream Hadee...HELP...really heabby! LOL! Silly Girl!

I am so glad to have these girls! They love to be here and we love them here!!!

Haliee has a Softball Tournament all weekend and an awards ceremony afterwards! Crazy Crazy time of year! Never a dull moment for us Hunters! :0) Happy Weekend! HUGS Tab

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Movie Night!!

Here are some fun custom bows I just listed for LemonLime's Night at the Movies Launch! How fun are these? I have been wanting to list them for forever now~ Stay tuned for more bows during this launch coming soon...A little hint..."Think Pink" :0)

Monday, May 25, 2009

We are back and some sad news :(

We are home! YAY! It was so much FUN! A great time, mostly great memories, I can't wait to share! Friday was so stressful, taking such a BIG Group took planning, I had orders to get out, snacks to bake, food to pack, amongst suitcases, camping supplies, etc. Then we have boat garb: towels, sunscreen, suits, life jackets, tubes, knee boards, etc. So, in the early morning, Hal went to uncover the boat and de-winterize it for our trip. This is what he found when he uncovered it...The weight of the snow had busted out 2 of the windows and totally bent the frames :( I am so sad. UGH! We totally took precaution of this. We used stabilizers so the snow wouldn't sag the cover down, we removed the snow a few times, no avail. Hal cleaned it all up, but I fear there will never again be bare feet in the boat. :( Needless to say ,we didn't take the boat with us. *sigh* Ok, I will be back later to show you pics of our fun camping adventure!

Maypole Presentation!

The 5th Graders do a Maypole Presentation every year at our school during the Volunteer Appreciation Assembly. This year was bittersweet to see my baby girl up there as a BIG BAD 5th Grader! I can't believe this is already our 4th year here! WOW! Anyway, excuse my pics, I was running late, so I just turned on my camera and snapped away, at least I have pics right?
Also, Haliee looks so serious in all the pics. Afterwords, I asked if she felt ok because i knew she was excited to do it. She said she was so nervous she would mess everyone up, she was totally concentrating, lol! :0)

Here is my little man waiting to watch his sister's show with his class :0)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Got Bows?

Phew, I finally finished my huge order on Wednesday & got it all shipped! HOORAY! I am going to finish up an international order and get it shipped on our way out of town! We are going camping/boating this weekend! Hooray! I am excited to relax...Well cook, clean, play, and relax, ha! I so need it! We'll be back Sunday afternoon so I will be bowing like Mad on Monday! But oh the weekend, woohoo! If I leave, I don't have the option of working, I tend to sneak in even on my days off when we are at home! No, bows, no email, no housework... ;0)
Here is a pic of an average shipping day at KGD...about 20 bows or so, give or take! See I have a 2 week turnaround for a good reason. I have a daily grind and then add in big orders a little a day! Being at the mercy of the wholesalers is sometimes a time factor as well! is a picture of the huge order I was talking about! 70 bows!~
Ok, off to answer emails, finish and package this order, make some snack'n goodies, and pack! Happy Memorial Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5th Grade Trip!

The 5th Graders took a field trip a few weeks ago to Spokane to a little amusement park called Riverfront Park. It is a beautiful park with falls that go through it. They have a few rides, an original carousel, ice skating, an imax, mini golf, etc. They also have a cool gondola ride over the falls. The kids got to watch a movie in the IMAX, ride the carousel, and the gondola. It was fun! Here are a few pics of the "experience" I can't believe these babies are going to middle school, WAHHH!
Here was the group I chaperoned! :0)
Don't laugh too hard! This is what I look like with no makeup, scary, I know, but it was early when we left! The window was down in the bus, so my hair is going crazy, lol, it was harder than you think to take a pic of yourselves crammed in a bus seat, lol!
This carousel is super fun because they have these rings you have to lean out and grab and then throw into a hole around the other side of the carousel. I made it while standing and leaning, I SO almost fell off the dang carousel! It was funny! The guy standing behind Haliee is a 5th grade teachers (not hers) but he dared me to try and make it, so he got to laugh at me when I almost fell, but I made it, so HA! we are in the gondola ride. The falls are so beautiful and I love the architecture of downtown Spokane! Lots of old bridges, churches, and buildings! So cool! The pics were taken through the plexiglass of the gondola, so they aren't perfect, but so pretty!

From the mouth's of babes....

Last night at Drew's game, Hal was coaching 3rd base. He had come directly from work and was still in his slacks and tie. The other team came out to take the field and the kiddo who was playing 3rd base looked up at Hal and asked, "So, do you own the place?" LOL, to which Hal replied, "No, *chuckle* I am just a Dad" Kid: "Well, WHOSE DAD?" Apparently, Hal looked pretty important to him, lol! Too cute! I LOVE kids!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working Conditions...

I really LOVE my job for numerous reasons, but the best perk is...being home! I am finishing up a huge order today so I was working on it all weekend! Here are some pics of the sweet sounds, sights, & smells I was able to have at work this weekend!

We are so glad to see the weather finally warming up, it was so fun to see the kids doing normal activities outside! A little tether ball & cartoon tag! They kept doing *Inka Binka Bottle of Ink* to decide who was it 1st, hearing it made me smile! I have missed seeing their shiny sunscreen faces!

We made some homemade molasses rolls! The kids always get a kick out of watching the dough rise! Yum! (Pay no attention to the mess on my kitchen table, I had just gone to Costco and the market)

The other 2 girls are my neighbor babies! These girls are the 2 extra kids we wish we were able to have! If we could kidnap them forever we would! They practically live here which is fine by us! They go to ball games with us, camping, boating, everything they can! Sophie is 2 1/2 and will climb through the doggie door to come over to our house if her Momma isn't watching! :0) Zoe is 6 and says her last name is Grimmett-Hunter! She says the extra room is hers which is fine by us, but her Mommy & Daddy may have a slight problem with it, ha!! I LOVE these girls so much!
PS~ I was writing this before I took the kids to school and Haliee came in to say..."Mom, are you going to photo shop those dead spots out of the lawn?" Ummm, NO, I have no time for that! "Well, Dad is going to have a heart attack if he sees this" Ha!, OCD Definitely lives here! Since this is only our 2nd warm weekend of the year it takes a little more than tlc and fertilizer to perk our lawn up immediately! But, Daddy is psycho about his yard! I don't mind though! *wink* I just thought it was funny Haliee noticed! We are creating more OCD monsters! Notice the dead spot where Drew has killed the lawn from too much tether ball! Daddy was needing to breathe in a bag when I told him he had to deal with it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Haliee's Lil' Man & Cute Toes :0)

Ahhh...the life of a bow Mamma! Look what Haliee made me, so cute! This is what happens when your kids are raised in ribbon world, it rots their brains, ha! I LOVE it! Thankfully this is the only "MAN" in her life!

Yesterday after Drew's Game, Haliee and I had a little spring spa pedi date at home! So fun! More signs of Spring, hooray! I am almost caught up on customs, YAHOO! I hope I can put in 2 or 3 more long days and be back on track! Until then, well I have cute toes and a little heart man to keep me company! Ok, off to get ready for Church. Happy "SUN"Day!