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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get your RoCk On!!!!

Us LemonLime Girlies have a fun launch this week! Check out my Rock Star Bowsies! I LOVE them! SO fun! :0) My pics are terrible sorry, not quite sure what I did wrong this time, they have so many fun buttons! I have a super fun collaboration coming this week too! I can't wait to share it! Stay Tuned Ha! HUGS

Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Girl!!!

Spring is crazy around here for birthdays, yesterday was Hal's and My "other" Dad's 50th bday party. Saturday after Drew's game the kiddos threw their Daddy their version of a surprise party! They decorated and we bbq'd steak and shrimp, had sherbet punch and italian cream cake and watched bedtime stories. :0) They had a blast. I enjoyed a night in *YAY*

Last Monday was Haliee's Birthday and we are having her party in a few weeks because we have NO FREE time until then, lol! She wants to go camping, so we are taking 15 girls camping for a 3 days weekend, ahhhh! Too finny she has always had primadonna parties, Halieewood, etc. I could write a novel on them, I LOVE kid parties! Anyway, this year she wants to camp LOL, too funny but whatever she wants. Anyway, Sunday my Mom took her to the mall and she went nuts! They went out to dinner and shopped til they dropped just the 2 of them :0) My Mom even spent the night so she could wake up to Miss. Haliee's Girls BDay. Monday she woke up to presents, and a basic bagel and strawberries breakfast with a candle of course her brother had to jazz it up! He got her 2 different bday cards because he couldn't just choose 1. He LOVES his sis so much. We took her lunch at ate at school with her and them I jammed home to make 100 cookies for both her class and her softball team as she had a game on her birthday! She requested peace signs *SURPRISE*SURPRISE* peace signs are her thing right now as well as softballs. Of course they needed to be her favorite colors, then I ran back to the school for her little class party and then we jammed home to get her ball gear on and gather up those snacks. She also got a singing card and $$$ from My Dad and "Other" Mom :0) She was so jazzed! Here are the pics of her special day!

Every year I ask the kiddos some questions and save them so we can laugh as they grow older. When she was 2 she wanted to be a tree when she grew up, lolol! Here are this years answers! As well as 11 things I LOVE about my baby girl!

1. Favorite Color: PINK
2. Favorite Food: KETCHUP *what a goof ball*
3. What do you want to be when you grow up: The store manager of Kohl's (lol, thanks to career day, she wanted to be a teacher last week)
4. Who do you want to Marry?: Someone just like Daddy
5. Favorite Movie: Hair Spray
6. Favorite Song or Band: Taylor Swift
7. Best Friend: Natalie
8. Favorite TV Show: John and Kate Plus 8
9. Favorite Hobby: Boating/Tubing
10. Person you most look up to: My Parents
11. Biggest Accomplishment this year: Being in ALP (advanced learning placement) all through elementary school and Graduating from Elementary School *ALMOST*
Silly girl, she can't wait to get to middle school *SIGH*! Ok 11 things I LOVE About my Princess:
1. She is always happy
2. She is an amazing BIG sister
3. She gives 110% to everything she does
4. She has starting blaring preteen music from her room
5. She is always helpful
6. She drowns EVERYTHING in ketchup
7. She always changes the setting and ring tones to my cell phone, I never know when it is my phone ringing, lol!
8. She is a TOTAL SLOB! But perfect in every other way!
9. She is a great and caring friend, she will stand up for anyone in any situation.
10. She LOVES babies, she wants me to have sextuplets, lol
11. She can out text me any time

She is the best little girl ever, I am so thankful to be her Mommy! I LOVE you Baby Haliee Girl!

Cards and a new peace sign sweatshirt from her brother :0)

Handing out cookies and being sung to with Mr. Jones :0)
Peace signs & softballs oh my!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What happens when...

Your husband is cooped up in the house for a week with nothing to do but help cut & heat seal ribbon (hee hee)....This happens...
This actually happened last weekend, but my computer was being friendly to the housecleaning and not so friendly to the blogger, lol! He came to me last Sat. night at 5 pm mind you & said "I'm Bored" Me: Ok, well I wish I was what do you want me to do about it... Hal: I want to do the guest room. Me: LOL, it's 5 pm...Hal: it won't take that long. Me: Ok, go for it, lol!

So...he painted 4 different colors, and decorated all of it~! We had accumulated all of the stuff except the blue paint which I ran to Home Depot and got (yes HIS project right?) LOL. He did a great job huh!? I wanted to do kind of a nautical but Lakey feel since we are right by the lake, kind of serene sanctuary for our guests. Now, I want to go buy lots of pretties but I am so impressed with how cute it is without planning at all. Does that mean I have a shopping problem if you can virtually shop from my house, bahhh! BTW, he (we) finished after 1 am! So much for it won't take that long, lol!

Ok, anyone wanna come visit now? We are booking for summer *wink* Ya Right! I do however promise to make yummy food! Ahhh....I am off to grab a shower so we can go to Drewy's game at 10. HUGS

PS~ Here is a pic of our beautiful city by the lake and some close ups of my husbands handiwork :)

It is so beautiful here in all seasons :0)

Friday, April 24, 2009

The test results are...

BENIGN!!!!!!!! HOORAY! Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts and prayers! I am so grateful to God for my husband being ok! I am kinda fond of his tall awnry little bratty self! :0) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids to Work Day!!! :0)

Today is National Kids to Work Day & Kohl's is too cool! As a corporation they recognise this day and this is the agenda they sent out! Haliee is off to work with Daddy and even gets to sit in on some interviews today! LOL, can you imagine going to an interview all nervous to walk in and see a kid sitting there! The only down side is they have to be 10 or older, so Drew was less than thrilled, lol! He tried to stay home and go to work with me ,lol, but I shot that idea down. I am however going to surprise him with lunch at school today!!! Here is the memo I thought it was so cool they did this as a corporation I had to share. Everything is so money driven these days, I was so impressed with them caring about kids. I think it is one of the few honest family compassionate "BOXES" left, so SHOP AT KOHL'S~ "Where you can Expect Great Things" *wink*


I have been so busy and my internet and landline (it is cable) were down for 3 days, AHHHH, so I am so busy trying to find my happy place after surgery, etc. Monday was Haliee's birthday, so I will be posting about that. She is having her party in a few weeks as that was the soonest we could fit it in with the kids and Daddy playing ball! Saturday is Hal's birthday and also my "Other" Dad's 50th birthday party, AHHHH! Calgon...Finally, I have a new set of sweet bowsies up for our fairytale launch. I have about 20 sets in my head, but I have too many customs to bring them into fruition just yet, they will be coming! :0) Here they are Sweet Euro Fairy Princess! I hope you like them! HUGS!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Remember When...

I was running to the School for the 2nd time this morning and this song came on...I was thinking to myself wouldn't that be nice. Remember When you used to say the words "I'm Bored" My kiddos occasionally say it, but me...I think I was in grade school the last time I actually breathed those words! Man what I wouldn't give to be bored right now, lol! Not for along time, just a day! Just a day of lazy jammies, hot tea, a clean house....ahhhh...I always ask the kids if they will ground me to my room "PLEASE" LOLOL! *sigh* Not this time of year for sure! Ok, I am off to get my orders ready for the post man and work on some customs! Still no word from the doc with test results. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! I have the best friends and family! :0) HUGS and YAY for a Sunny DAY! WAHOO!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OMG!!!!!! I am bawling! I can't believe how sweet Miss. June is! The doorbell just rang and it was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from my Sweet Customer & FRIEND! I have known her for a couple years now and I am so thankful to be her friend and design for her princess LILLI!! She knew Hal had surgery & she sent these just because she is the greatest! I used to think people who made friends online were crazy and now I am so thankful to be one of the crazies!!!! I truly have made some GREAT friendships and I am so thankful for that! THANKS MY SWEET JUNERS! You made my day & touched my heart! I LOVE roses, snapdragons, & hydrangeas btw they are my fav's!!!~ XOXOX Tab

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & My Poor Man!

Man, we have had an eventful few days! Hal had surgery to remove a tumor on his neck on Friday morning, it was a relatively minor procedure and the dr. thinks it is benign, but I will feel alot better next week when we receive the results. Please pray for him. Anyhow, as they were taking out the breathing tube, his esophagus spasmed & it made his lungs suck in fluid & blood, so when he woke up he was coughing blood and his oxygen level was like 58%. FREAKED ME OUT because they weren't letting me in to see him. So I threw a Tabby tantrum & they finally let me back 3 hours later. :( His dr. was in another surgery and they wanted him to look at him. They did a chest xray and they thought there were nodules on his lungs (possibly cancerous) so they wheeled him over for a ct scan & then numbed his throat & scoped him (poor guy). *sigh* So it turned out to be the fluid & blood in his lungs not nodules and they just kept him overnight on oxygen and the iv to push all the junk out of his lungs.

He wasn't able to be mobile as the oxygen was in the wall, so the kids & I stayed the night in the hospital with him so I could help him potty instead of the nurse. LOL, he is so shy, when I went back to see him at 1st when he was coughing blood, etc. he had his clothes around his ankles trying to get himself dressed while no one was looking. He was traumatized by the gown. So I dressed the crazy guy. The sleeping arrangement was fun! The nurses were too cool to the kids, but Drew & I slept in a hospital bed and Haliee slept in the fold out chair, lol! Between bathroom breaks, vital checks, and the elbow, knee, & fists to my body and face by my sleeping son, I got little sleep. To top it off, Drew had opening day and his 1st ball game the next morning at 8:30 am! So, I got them up at 6:45 and ran home to shower us all. Papa Ken came and took Drew to his events in the pouring rain I might add :( I was so sad I missed it. And Haliee & I ran back to the hospital to be with Daddy.

They did another chest xray that am and all was well so we came home yesterday afternoon. He is so sore from coughing and the yucky scope. He is ok but super nauseous. We got Daddy settled & I ran and got his prescriptions, etc. He has a drainage tube in his neck for a few days, so I am changing bandages. I got into the fridge to boil the eggs for dyeing, but my Mom used them while we were in the hospital, lol. SO....I ran out the market again really quick. Of course we couldn't find the Easter baskets last night as they were in the garage behind some heavy boxes Daddy can't help us with! We improvised! "Makin' Memories" right!

Good thing The Easter Bunny always comes through for us right! The tooth fairy also paid us a visit in the night as Haliee lost a tooth! The kids got tons of fun goodies, moolah, movies, etc. They were jazzed! Hal is still not feeling well so I am scared to leave him even for church & I am super sad. :( We are just going to hang today. Do some more eggs, and I can catch up on some chores around here. We decided to do Easter with the family next weekend, I am the cook in the family, so everyone is waiting for me lol!

Please pray for us next week when we receive the biopsy results. Happy Easter everyone. I am so thankful for this day and I guess my husband having the procedure this weekend just makes it all the more real. HUGS to your family on this wonderful day! :0)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Got Games??

Ok, here are 2 more fun custom sets for our games launch~! Also, here are the matching duckie pieces from our collaboration! :0) Too much fun! Don't forget to enter to win a 3 piece outfit from the lemonlime girls, all you haveto do is email your guess about the marbles!!

PacMan Anyone...How bout' Hungry Hungry Hippos...

Thursday, April 2, 2009


1st things 1st...Lookie what I woke up to this am!!! I am starting to think we really will be playing ball & hunting eggs in this never ending white stuff :0)

Ok, enough whining *wink* I have been burning the midnight oil, bowing my little fingers off! I have several customs going...I just finished an order for one of my sweet UK customers, I have a sweet baby girl of which my computer seems to have eaten the pics of, I looked everywhere, I guess her Mommy will have to send me more, our bow giveaway winner's goodies, 2 of my boutiques I sell to, this is just to name a few, and don't forget launches with my #1 LemonLime Peeps :0)

Before I forget, I have these Easter goodies listed, I know it is last minute, but I was determined to finish these sweeties I had started no matter what, so here they are! The 1st ones are so Euro Fab, they could be Easter or just fun & bright all year long! Can you tell I want Summer! :0)

Our launch theme this week is Fun & Games. We are giving away a super fun make sure you check it out! I am collaborating with some of my sweet LL friends for a duck duck goose theme. Here are some sneak peeks of my goodies and I will post the matching outfits, etc. as soon as Nicole sends me pics! Also, 1 of my super sweet customers had a strange request which actually turned out so cute and with perfect timing...Her daughter's favorite stuffed friend is a hippo, lol~ She decided she needed some hippo bows, so I had to make her some right! Well, turns out, I "need" to list them as Hungry Hungry Hippos for our launch cuz it is too fun not to!I can totally add marbles to if you wanted them :0) I will be doing that in a few so check them out! XOX Tab