Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you. The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethic over convenience, and truth over popularity ... these are choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Here are some new bows made to match gymboree's new line! I love how they turned out!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Woodwards...

I am really missing my Woodward's lately. I can't believe Kayden would be 6 in a few weeks...sometimes it feels like an eternity, sometimes a few days. So weird sometimes it doesn't even come on my radar for weeks, other times I hear a song, see a place, takes me back to a few weeks I wish I didn't relive in my mind.

Like finding the notes while cleaning the dungeon Casie & the girls wrote to me when we moved away. I have complete faith that he has a plan, that he knows why, that I will know when it is time for me to know. But...being the complete control freak I am, I can't stand not knowing, waiting, wondering...THIS IS MY LESSON. I recognise this, I just don't LIKE it! Why doesn't the fact that *I am Tabitha* not work on God, lol! :0) I hate SIDS...

I miss my Kayden snuggles, I miss making her Daddy mad spending $ on yards and yards of ribbons, clothing, photo shoots...

I miss my Casie, though she had to endure something no Mommy ever should, we are closer than sisters, soul mates of a sort...for this I am thankful.

I miss my girls, I can't believe they are now young women, what 5 years will do...from silly teenagers filling Hal's shoes with water, changing all the settings on his cell phone to Spanish, & taking his wallet while we swam...Hearing Ky say "It's on & poppin Hal" knowing full well her 95 lbs. soaking wet was the one going in the pool not him...I miss them dressing up the boys in Haliee's dress up and driving the Daddies mad :0)
I miss my little boys who now aren't soo little getting into everything and being too cute to bust. Screaming "Tabby Tab" and running towards me open armed everytime I walked through the door.
I miss game nights, Hal yelling at Mark for being too cheap to run the a/c...Mark pouting & wanting to read and reread the instructions to attack UNO because there is no way we aren't cheating :0) I miss Mark dressing up like Spidey for Kole's party to make them so happy but not being able to resist scaring the kiddos the night before...
How different the Woodward life is now, 5 years later....I LOVE YOU ALL & miss you so much...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Have I ever mentioned my baby girl is a PIGGIE?!?! Bless her baby heart! She drives us CRAZY with her little messes! Her nickname should be pig pen not Bobo. :0) Where ever she goes a tornado follows her! Now don't get me wrong, it is a cute, flat ironed, perfume smelling, fashion statement of a tornado, but...nevertheless, it's a TORNADO! I asked her a week ago to clean her room and let the excuses begin, "I'm tired, I have homework, I have to babysit, I don't feel good". "Please can I go to Nat's, I promise I'll pick up tomorrow" 3 days later...RIGHTTTTTT! Anyway, she wants her hair cut...she has chosen this style off the internet...Ok fine, no problem, your hair, not soon as your room is cleaned!! WHHAAATTT!! Apparently that was an unreasonable request?! So after a long pout in her room, she came to terms with it, lol! Thankfully she is a good girl, she doesn't talk back, she just pouts! :)

But a little bit more info...
A few months ago she had a queen size bed complete with matching bedding, etc. Well, she wanted a trundle so she would have more room and could still have a bed when her friends slept over (not that they ever sleep in there anyway). Daddy was completely against it, I mean not happy at all. His point was she would just have a bigger area to make a mess, she was only growing, not shrinking, plus she already has new bedding, etc. I let her *bad wife* as I agree it would give her more room...She SWORE it was a fresh start, A new Haliee, she'd keep her room clean if please oh please Daddy let her get a new bed...Hmmm...How quickly she forgets!

Here is the hairstyle she so desires.

Zoe & Sophie decided to be project managers for this apparently colossal event, lol. After about an hour, I went up camera in hand to check the progress....

I knew she was ticked so being the ornery person I am I decided to knock and make her answer me instead of just walking in. But..Sophie answered and informed me I COULD NOT COME IN, lol!
Well, the floor is clean! She could not understand why I felt everything crammed in her closet, on the vanity, the lamp table, under the vanity...was a PROBLEM!

Don't let this sweet smile fool you, she is so ticked at me right here, lol! I offered to interview her and post it so we could see who took my side and who took hers...She declined the interview.

She did manage to freak her Dad completely out when he found she had decorated her room with posters hung up with COLORED DUCT TAPE!

So as I sit here this morning, her closet is clean, the vanity and lamp table still sit, pillowcased and askew...she feels it is more than sufficient and it's haircut time. I crack the whip? ~ LOVE this girl and all her clutter :0)

A few minutes after the room pics Erin called to have the girls come home for dinner...Sophie was not havin it. After a few small tantrums as I carried her down the stairs, to the counter to put on her boots...She was relentless "No Way, I tant bo home I tay with you!" "I am MAD MAD MAD" How do you say no to that??? You don't! You make her Momma come do it, lol! I am already the bad guy for the room cleaning right!? I made a video while Erin was coming to get her so we could all laugh!
For the record, after reviewing the tape...I think she is saying: "Hey Pabba, I want the flour" Meaning she wants to bake something. It's my best guess :)

I LOVE these sweet babies! ALL OF THEM! :0)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No more hiding

Ok, time to come back to reality~ It has been an awesome much needed reprieve, is getting back to normal. I spent all day yesterday cleaning after my parents left. I am deep cleaning my studio for the new year. Today after Church I will finish & we will take all our decorations down. Then it's back to the bow grind! I am excited for some new designs! I can't believe it is time for Valentine's hearts!

We had a great New Year, just relaxing and playing games, we even had a dance off to 80's hip hop, rap etc. LOL TOO FUNNY! Hal captured part of it on his phone, so I will try and upload that, it was hysterical! Vanilla Ice, Hammer, Bel Biv Devoe ahhhh...I am so OLD! :0) I can still do the running man (sort of) but my mad Roger Rabbit skills stayed in Junior High I guess, Hal got a good laugh though!

Do you like this new song playing on my blog?!? It is Haliee's FAVORITE! We have heard it a thousand times ATLEAST this Holiday break! Justin Bieber is her LOVE! Too funny to watch this girl morph into a teenager. I LOVE her so much!

Lookie what I found cleaning my ebay dungeon yesterday....My little Drewy Santa Baby! Isn't he precious, wahhh...he is so big now! My poor little guy has the tummy flu :( He has been in bed for 2 days :( I hate it when my babies are sickie.

Last but certainly not least The POWER of PRAYER! My New Year's Resolution may be coming faster than I thought. Keep the prayers coming! An opportunity may have presented itself to us, if it comes to fruition, I will be a serious Bow "Hoe" LOL! I will know more in a week or so, but until then, please keep us in your prayers! This is a big change....