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Monday, October 18, 2010

Camping Immigrant Springs 2010

We met Grandma & Grandpa Cook in a cute little State Park near Pendleton, Oregon which is about 1/2 way between Coeur d Alene & Boise for a weekend of fun a few weeks ago! We had stayed there once a few years back but Hal had to work so I was so glad he was able to come this time! We even brought Miss. Zoe Grimmett along with us {She's been begging to go forever now. She told me she ws sick and tired of us going on family vacations without her} :) Grandma had Chase & Adelyn so it was fun for the cousins to play together!

We brought Grandpa all kinds of junk & homemade Baklava for his belated B-Day so he was a happy camper HA! HA! I'm a nerd I know! :0) Of course, camping isn't really the word we should use right...the RV has all the bells and whistles, my Dad had has a portable satellite cube thing so Grandma was even able to purchase some Football Ticket Direct TV thing and watch the Boise State Game! Man, that's roughing it! But the kids had a blast & it is always so great to hang with that side of my family since we don't see them nearly enough.
Technology...can't go camping without it!
In the last picture Haliee has a phone in each hand...good grief!
Dad's Satellite Cube :0)

The kids played hard all weekend! They had a blast playing games, using walkie talkies, going on walks, playing in the campfire, roasting marshmallows & hot dogs, eating junk, junk, & more junk! What are Grandparents for? :)
"Drew's the KING OF THE WORLD!"

We took walks, and looked in cabins {they rent these too}, found all kinds of weird mushrooms, and to top it off...they had a real life pay phone. The kids thought they had traveled back in time. They thought it was totally super coolio! :) It was funny as heck! Silly kids!
Addie & Grandma!
The "Amazing" Real life "Pay Phone"

Zoe had a blast she had never been in a campground shower before, she thought that was totally awesome! She did though think she may die from the 4 hour car ride. She has never really been more than an hour out of Coeur d Alene, so she kept saying, "Tabba," :) My kids were like~ this is easy, try the 21 hours to California, ha ha! They are pro travelers both land & air~!
What fun family memories :) Makes me smile!

7th Grade Volleyball!

So Haliee is finally (way to quickly in my opinion) able to play Volleyball for her School! She is a big stuff 7th Grader now & eligible to play all sports! She was so excited to get her knee pads and shorts, and excited she can wear her funky rally socks like Softball! She practices with Drew in the backyard & is pretty good! She has never played before and made the A2 team! {There are A1,A2, B1,B2} She decided she needed a super cute bow for her 1st game & I rushed it to her about 20 minutes before the bus left (you know what they say...A plumbers sink always leaks, a housekeepers house is always a mess, a bow Momma's kid is always the last to receive her stuff, lol) But...I made it! Their 1st game was an away game & she was beyond excited to be on the bus! She texted my about a billion times! :)

I know the pics are terrrible but it was so packed and crazy in that gym, it was impossible to get good pics from where we were seated.
Here are some of Haliee's good friends, they are on the A1 team so they were wating to play. They also all play Softball too! I love these girls!

Drew's #1 Gal!

So Drew and Torrey have been smitten for almost 2 years now...and apparently in the 4th Grade you actually have boyfriend/girlfriends! Well, that's what I'm told. I guess "going out" means you ask someone to ask them out for you & they give their answer. If it's YES, poof, you are going out. You may or may not talk at recess but that's the extent of it! :0)

Drew and Torrey have been great friends since 1st grade. They really enjoy each others company and are both great kids! They hang out at recess (well Drew plays football & Torrey watches), eat lunch together, and walk out to meet their Mommies together after school. I just love Torrey, she is a sweetie! What a fun friendship!

My son will likely behead his Mother for this blog post, but I thought we should document it :)

I just happened to take this picture of Torrey on the 1st day of School. Isn't she a doll! :)

Viruses...:( & the ever growing list...

So last week I got a computer virus :( Well actually 10 :( It was hidden in one of the drivers needed to connect to the internet which the virusscan company found & then removed the entire driver instead of stripping the virus out & it took many agonising hours on the phone, ipod googling, etc. and finally a long lost family friend who actually works on computers for a living walking me through the steps via phone from San Diego to fix it! But...HOORAY it worked! Fixing it was a cinch, but finding the problem...ummm...not so much! I updated my virus scan (BAD Tabby learning the lessons the hard way) & we are back in the saddle! :)

Lots going on in the Hunter House=Bad Blogger!
Needing to blog about:

  • Drew's New Favorite Gal!
  • Haliee's Volleyball
  • Baby Shower (It's almost time to meet Baby Brodie Man!)
  • A fun little camping Trip with Grandma & Grandpa Cook
  • Seattle Trip #2
  • A couponing basics tutorial by request!

  • OMGOODNESS! After posting this I realized I never blogged about my kids bday parties, oh good heck, I am WAYYY BEHIND!

Well, that's enough for the immediate future right?!? I'm comin...Hold on...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess who's back...back again...

So Hal told me last week I needed to get my booty back to full time couponing as we didn't have quite enough snack choices, lol! Wrong thing to say...I have been in full swing the last 4 days, bahh!
Here is my latest & greatest for $15! I have 1 very happy 9 year old for all this bodywash! Silly little man in the making!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

There's no greater joy to children than...

Atleast not this day! We had some leftover chocolate from the shower so we decided to have a Chocolate Fountain Party after school! :) They were so happy & I tried to get some pics but they were wound for sound! Here are the best ones of the bunch. Ellie kept dropping her pretzels in and freaking out, lol! She would start bawling & say OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! LOL! Silly girl! Even the bigger "kid" had to test it out & make sure I wasn't trying to poison these babies *wink*

The funniest thing was about 45 minutes after they were finished eating, Ellie came down from playing upstairs, saw the fountain was still running & exclaimed "Oh NO, NO MORE CHOCOLATE" LOL, we told her, you don't have to eat anymore baby :) Too Funny! I think she may have over indulged just a bit! LOVE it!