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Monday, October 18, 2010

7th Grade Volleyball!

So Haliee is finally (way to quickly in my opinion) able to play Volleyball for her School! She is a big stuff 7th Grader now & eligible to play all sports! She was so excited to get her knee pads and shorts, and excited she can wear her funky rally socks like Softball! She practices with Drew in the backyard & is pretty good! She has never played before and made the A2 team! {There are A1,A2, B1,B2} She decided she needed a super cute bow for her 1st game & I rushed it to her about 20 minutes before the bus left (you know what they say...A plumbers sink always leaks, a housekeepers house is always a mess, a bow Momma's kid is always the last to receive her stuff, lol) But...I made it! Their 1st game was an away game & she was beyond excited to be on the bus! She texted my about a billion times! :)

I know the pics are terrrible but it was so packed and crazy in that gym, it was impossible to get good pics from where we were seated.
Here are some of Haliee's good friends, they are on the A1 team so they were wating to play. They also all play Softball too! I love these girls!

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Letti said...

I played volleyball in High School and I loved it. I can't believe she is in 7th grade. I keep thinking she is still the young girl in your I hope one of my girls play volleyball.