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Monday, October 18, 2010

Camping Immigrant Springs 2010

We met Grandma & Grandpa Cook in a cute little State Park near Pendleton, Oregon which is about 1/2 way between Coeur d Alene & Boise for a weekend of fun a few weeks ago! We had stayed there once a few years back but Hal had to work so I was so glad he was able to come this time! We even brought Miss. Zoe Grimmett along with us {She's been begging to go forever now. She told me she ws sick and tired of us going on family vacations without her} :) Grandma had Chase & Adelyn so it was fun for the cousins to play together!

We brought Grandpa all kinds of junk & homemade Baklava for his belated B-Day so he was a happy camper HA! HA! I'm a nerd I know! :0) Of course, camping isn't really the word we should use right...the RV has all the bells and whistles, my Dad had has a portable satellite cube thing so Grandma was even able to purchase some Football Ticket Direct TV thing and watch the Boise State Game! Man, that's roughing it! But the kids had a blast & it is always so great to hang with that side of my family since we don't see them nearly enough.
Technology...can't go camping without it!
In the last picture Haliee has a phone in each hand...good grief!
Dad's Satellite Cube :0)

The kids played hard all weekend! They had a blast playing games, using walkie talkies, going on walks, playing in the campfire, roasting marshmallows & hot dogs, eating junk, junk, & more junk! What are Grandparents for? :)
"Drew's the KING OF THE WORLD!"

We took walks, and looked in cabins {they rent these too}, found all kinds of weird mushrooms, and to top it off...they had a real life pay phone. The kids thought they had traveled back in time. They thought it was totally super coolio! :) It was funny as heck! Silly kids!
Addie & Grandma!
The "Amazing" Real life "Pay Phone"

Zoe had a blast she had never been in a campground shower before, she thought that was totally awesome! She did though think she may die from the 4 hour car ride. She has never really been more than an hour out of Coeur d Alene, so she kept saying, "Tabba," :) My kids were like~ this is easy, try the 21 hours to California, ha ha! They are pro travelers both land & air~!
What fun family memories :) Makes me smile!

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