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Monday, October 18, 2010

Viruses...:( & the ever growing list...

So last week I got a computer virus :( Well actually 10 :( It was hidden in one of the drivers needed to connect to the internet which the virusscan company found & then removed the entire driver instead of stripping the virus out & it took many agonising hours on the phone, ipod googling, etc. and finally a long lost family friend who actually works on computers for a living walking me through the steps via phone from San Diego to fix it! But...HOORAY it worked! Fixing it was a cinch, but finding the problem...ummm...not so much! I updated my virus scan (BAD Tabby learning the lessons the hard way) & we are back in the saddle! :)

Lots going on in the Hunter House=Bad Blogger!
Needing to blog about:

  • Drew's New Favorite Gal!
  • Haliee's Volleyball
  • Baby Shower (It's almost time to meet Baby Brodie Man!)
  • A fun little camping Trip with Grandma & Grandpa Cook
  • Seattle Trip #2
  • A couponing basics tutorial by request!

  • OMGOODNESS! After posting this I realized I never blogged about my kids bday parties, oh good heck, I am WAYYY BEHIND!

Well, that's enough for the immediate future right?!? I'm comin...Hold on...

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