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Friday, October 1, 2010

There's no greater joy to children than...

Atleast not this day! We had some leftover chocolate from the shower so we decided to have a Chocolate Fountain Party after school! :) They were so happy & I tried to get some pics but they were wound for sound! Here are the best ones of the bunch. Ellie kept dropping her pretzels in and freaking out, lol! She would start bawling & say OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! LOL! Silly girl! Even the bigger "kid" had to test it out & make sure I wasn't trying to poison these babies *wink*

The funniest thing was about 45 minutes after they were finished eating, Ellie came down from playing upstairs, saw the fountain was still running & exclaimed "Oh NO, NO MORE CHOCOLATE" LOL, we told her, you don't have to eat anymore baby :) Too Funny! I think she may have over indulged just a bit! LOVE it!

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Letti said...

So fun. I love strawberries and chocolate. My mouth is watering.