Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you. The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethic over convenience, and truth over popularity ... these are choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Sweet Son & some new bows!

Wednesday while I was cooking dinner, my kiddos decided to make a video!! I know I am biased, but I have the best kiddos! I sure love my little man! Isn't he sweet!

Here are some sweet & funky new bows for LemonLime's Retro & Easter launches, I love them & I hope you like them too! The easter bows are the 1st of many for this season, so stay tuned! Thanks for peeking! Have a great weekend! Tab ;0)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!!!! :0)

Yesterday was my 13 year Anniversary!! Since the weekend was Valentine's Day, we decided just to have the kids go to my parents house & hang out. We run 24/7 so we decided not to have an agenda this year. Drew had a game on Saturday, so we just said out goodbye's after that & headed off to The Davenport for lunch. Hal surprised me 3 years ago with the Cutter ( he was the architect for the hotel) suite here and it is an amazing hotel. You can check it out here...
I was so surprised...Amidst a spa day, a dozen roses, chocolate covered strawberries & appletini's waiting for me in the room when I got back, it was an awesome time, so we go revisit the restaurant as much as we can. Awesome food & ambiance!!! Of course we ended up at the casino, Hal ended up winning on a $1 machine at the end hooray, so our whole weekend was free! We had already shopped a little, we were weirdos this year and just shopped for our gifts together. Then we ended up just hanging out at home watching movies and eating out! Yesterday, we hung out all day too, we went to a yummy restaurant which actually floats on the water here on Lake Coeur d' Alene! A nice relaxing weekend, I SO NEEDED! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look back 13 years at our wedding photos, we were such babies! I especially love our hair (Not so much!) Enjoy the laugh! :)

This was in one of those dorky booth's at the beach! :0) was are a little more recently, I think this was a year or 2 ago, it was the 1st pic I found in my very unorganized pics online, lol! 2 kids and a few years later, better hair and not a lb. gained *wink*!!
Ok, here are 13 things, I LOVE about my husband!!!

  1. He is so much fun, he is a jokester and always makes me laugh, even if I want to beat him while I laugh!
  2. He is the most loving father!
  3. He cries at sad movies and then gets mad at me for making him watch them :0)
  4. He is just as OCD as me in so many ways, sorry to my kids!
  5. He has this funny lip thing going when he tries to lie to me, I have learned this from years of being gullible to his tall tales and jokes!
  6. He is addicted to the lint roller!
  7. He is such a family man, he loves spending time with us!
  8. In 15 years we have been together, he has never once complained about 1 penny I spent, seriously!!!
  9. He has amazing work ethic and integrity. He is an awesome leader.
  10. He always remodels or build things I dream up or find a picture of and complains the whole time, lol!
  11. He has a great relationship with my family & somehow manages to be a smarty to my Mom & get Me & My Step-Dad blamed for it "EVERYTIME"!!
  12. He will help me anytime I need extra cutting and heat sealing ribbon! :)
  13. He loves me for me in every light, I can totally be myself without reservation! I am so glad I found him! I love him so much!

PS: I put the songs from our wedding in my musicbox, they are songs 2 & 3! The 4th song I can't even find to upload, here are the lyrics, MAN I feel old!


Solid gold candle holders And an old bottle of wine

You let your hair down on your shoulders

And you pressed your lips to mine

The rain beat soft against the window

As the night turned into dawn

As I looked deep into your eyes

I knew where my heart belonged

I´m ready for the next step in love

Girl, you´re all that I can think of

Isn´t my love good enough

I´m ready for the next step in love

Solid white wedding dress

And a long white veil

We put all our fears to rest

And we let this ship set sail

I placed the ring on your finger

Then you looked at me and smiled

The we sealed our love with one last kiss

And I walked you up the aisle

I´m ready for the next step in love

Girl, you´re all that I can think of

Isn´t my love good enough

I´m ready for the next step in love

I´m ready for the next step in love

Girl, you´re all that I can think of

Isn´t my love good enough

I´m ready for the next step in love

I´m ready for the next step in love

By: Clay Walker

***Thanks for letting me be sappy! Looking back, we really did grow up together! I am so lucky to be married to my best friend and love! I look forward to the next 50 years! Tab

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haliee's Winter String Concert!

Haliee had a strng concert a few days ago and they sounded so awesome! I couldn't believe how well it came together!!! Here are the ONLY pics I was able to get as these girlies thought they would be cute and hide behind their stands everytime they saw the camera. Preteens *SIGH* I could beat them! They were so tickled at themselves no matter how much of a Mom Face I had from the audience, they kept hiding everytime! They are terds! Anyway, in the 1st pic Miss. Haliee is hiding, I have 2 barely pics, and the final blurry pic was one Drew took. This is why is she making the awnry smile face. She only would let him take the pics, but he couldn't hold the camera still enought to get a good shot, lol! I deleted about 10 of his too blurry to keep.
I love this girl, even though she is a stinker sometimes. She must've gotten this from her Daddy because I never was anything less than perfect, bahhhh! *wink* :0) Thanks for letting me share!

Abby Cadabby and Social Butterfly Bows!

Hi everyone! I have 2 newbies today! Thanks for peeking! I am so ready for spring, I have been inspired!! I love how these turned out! Tab

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Spring Pretties & Drew's Basketball Pics :0)

Hi everyone! I am excited to share some new bowsies I made over the weekend. Some bright fun euro and some made to match gymboree's new Happy Rainbow line with more to come! Here they are :0)

Also I finally took pics of Drewy in his b-ball game, they aren't the best but it is hard to keep up with them, lol! Here are a few pics the game~! I love the one of him running through the tunnel slapping everyone's hands. They run through the fog that is why the 1st pics looks blurry and they all think they are ready for the NBA! It is so cute!

Look for some more made to match gymbo & some St. Patty's day surprises later in the week!