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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haliee's Winter String Concert!

Haliee had a strng concert a few days ago and they sounded so awesome! I couldn't believe how well it came together!!! Here are the ONLY pics I was able to get as these girlies thought they would be cute and hide behind their stands everytime they saw the camera. Preteens *SIGH* I could beat them! They were so tickled at themselves no matter how much of a Mom Face I had from the audience, they kept hiding everytime! They are terds! Anyway, in the 1st pic Miss. Haliee is hiding, I have 2 barely pics, and the final blurry pic was one Drew took. This is why is she making the awnry smile face. She only would let him take the pics, but he couldn't hold the camera still enought to get a good shot, lol! I deleted about 10 of his too blurry to keep.
I love this girl, even though she is a stinker sometimes. She must've gotten this from her Daddy because I never was anything less than perfect, bahhhh! *wink* :0) Thanks for letting me share!

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