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Saturday, September 8, 2012

All-Stars Pro's vs Joe's Daddy/Son Baseball Game 2012

All-Stars was a blast this year. Minus the ridiculous technicality, we had an amazing season. Drew threw a huge complete 1 hitter shutout in the 4th game of the season against Lakeland. He threw a no hitter until the bottom of the last inning! Maybe it was just life or maybe it was Riley "The Jinx" Smith talking about the no hitter! Haha! Nevertheless...Run ruling them in the bottom of the 4th 17 - 0 final pitch count 65! So proud of him and all the boys! This All-Star team was the cream of our crop! What a great group of boys! To end our season we decided to play a friendly All-Stars vs Dad's game! We had so much fun! Sister's umpiring, little brothers pinch running! Such a blast! Afterwards a sweet and somber talk from the coaches. What a whirlwind of a season. I am so proud of these kids and can't wait to take State next year! I hope these are memories they will keep with them forever complete with their nicknames from their coaches! It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. I LOVE YOU my Andrew Joseph "Big Cheetah" Hunter! I hope you had lots of fun!

Norsemen Yakima Tournament 2012

What a weekend! I don't think it could've been more fun if we tried! So much baseball, taking over Restaurants, Hotels, and both Pools! Kids everywhere! A weekend chalked full of Baseball, swimming, poker, eating out, wiffle ball in the hotel courtyard could anything else make all these kids dreams come true? I am SO EXCITED for next year! This was a complete blast! I LOVE my baseball family!
Haliee & Ellie a match made in Heaven

  A little poolside poker!
 cutest baseball girls Kendall loves Haliee!!

 "come on' man!"


 Bestie's for life :)

Baseball 2012

Drewy, where do I start? You are an amazing athlete!  I LOVE watching you play! It was so neat to have Dad coach this year and I hope you appreciate all the hard work he put in and days he didn't eat at all until 9pm so he could be there for you! Your hard work and determination is definitely paying off! I am glad you are following your dreams! What a great season spring, Norsemen, through All-Stars! Oh wait we are still playing fall ball...haha love ya kid! ;) Love, Mommy

Showin' some love to your bestie :)


 What a Sister you have working in concessions for ya! Lovin' her fan club behind her too! :)

 Rally Caps