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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday Drew

Happy 11th Birthday Drew! You are the light of my life! You make everyday so much fun! I especially love writing a May 31 post on September 8th! :) But...I will say your Baseball does have quite a bit to do with that! :) I cannot believe you are 11. What a sweet little man you are becoming. Please don't try to grow up so fast.

Here are 11 things I LOVE about you!:
  1. You LOVE all things Baseball
  2. You work really hard at being the best in Baseball and School!
  3. You make me laugh everyday
  4. You are ridiculously smart
  5. You LOVE your Sister to bits and try to be her big brother when it comes to boys :)
  6. You already set your bar crazy high with a goal of Stanford & then the MLB!
  7. You love the finer things in life, you make me smile with your Rib Eye, Stuffed Mushrooms, and Blue Cheese Crumbles dinner requests.
  8. Your are stinkin' handsome like your Daddy!
  9. You can argue with the best of them, if the MLB doesn't work out...pretty sure you will be changing lives via The Supreme Court!
  10. You are an amazing friend.
  11. You are the most honest kiddo I know! I LOVE my little rule follower! You are the ultimate "Integrant" as your sister would say ;)
I am so proud of you it up and don't change a thing! You are pretty stinking perfect!
Love: Mommy 

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