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Monday, October 18, 2010

Drew's #1 Gal!

So Drew and Torrey have been smitten for almost 2 years now...and apparently in the 4th Grade you actually have boyfriend/girlfriends! Well, that's what I'm told. I guess "going out" means you ask someone to ask them out for you & they give their answer. If it's YES, poof, you are going out. You may or may not talk at recess but that's the extent of it! :0)

Drew and Torrey have been great friends since 1st grade. They really enjoy each others company and are both great kids! They hang out at recess (well Drew plays football & Torrey watches), eat lunch together, and walk out to meet their Mommies together after school. I just love Torrey, she is a sweetie! What a fun friendship!

My son will likely behead his Mother for this blog post, but I thought we should document it :)

I just happened to take this picture of Torrey on the 1st day of School. Isn't she a doll! :)

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