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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grimmett Family Pics

So the shower is over! It was perfect, I barely survived! If it weren't for Haliee & Karlene, I wouldn't have! Last night I started feeling crummy a sore throat & headache, hmm...maybe 3 - 4 hours of sleep a night isn't enough! Anyway, I crashed about 10:30 and didn't wake up until 1 pm this afternoon! Can you believe that?!? I have never in my life done that. I am still sick, but it was so worth it!

Last Thursday I took the Grimmets down to the lake after school for a maternity photo shoot. I needed some pics for the shower so we ran down there really quick. Haliee was at volleyball practice so Drew was my assistant! He did an awesome job at making the babies laugh. Didn't they turn out just perfect! I LOVE them! I edited them in Color, B&W, & Sepia and used sepia for the shower since it was the most woodsy! Here are some of my favorites, aren't they precious? LOVE MY GRIMMETTS!

I can't believe in 5 more weeks there will be a Baby Brodie Man in these pics!

I'll post the shower next week, I have mad pics to go through, but since I slept all day, lol, I have a ferocious mess waiting for me & some bow orders to get out tomorrow! I can't wait to share, it was so beautiful!

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Haliee said...

I love them! cant wait till brodie!!! Shower was AMAZING thanks to the BEST momma EVER!!!!! i love u mommy! <3