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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

*SNIFF* How bittersweet this is to see my babies growing up! Aren't they so perfect! I just LOVE their little baby guts out!

7th Grade
Man what a difference a year makes...I can't believe my little girl is in the 7th grade. Where does the time go? Haliee is super excited she is not a little 6th grader anymore :) She gets to play Volleyball & she is a TA for her favorite homeroom teacher (Mr. Drake) from last year! {You know the one who receives fun silly string & ding dong ditch visits from our family} She has definitely grown up alot this past year but continues to amaze me with her maturity, choices, & all around sweetness! She has such integrity, kindness, makes good choices, is loving, caring, helpful. She is such a little Mommy to her baby brother {who always appreciates it right!}, and out Grimmett babes! She wishes she lived closer to all her nieces & nephews so she could have one on her hip at all times~ She is so turning into a teenager, loud music, texting, shopping, long stints in the bathroom to go anywhere! Can you say paybacks?!?! I am so very proud to be her Mommy! This is also the 1st year I haven't walked my princess into her classroom *double*sniff*
4th Grade
My baby boy is a 4th grader :( WAHHHHH! Look at him all big & tall. It was so cute when we walked into the classroom everyone was yelling "Drew" "Drew" :) This is the 1st year he won't have a cookie cutter teacher from his Sister :( Her 4th grade teacher who I LOVED moved to Pocatello so her husband could finish his Master's. Drew knew of Mrs. Sozzoni from recess saying she was nice! We are so excited he has her. She was sweet this morning despite the crazy 1st day chaos! I am excited to get to know her. She is super cute too, Isn't she?! Drewy is really turning into a little man. Adoring all things sports, he never misses even an inning of the Mariners Games! He loves playing all sports especially baseball and pitches rain or shine until I make him come in the house! He watches all sports on TV as well. His favorite teams are the Mariners, the Chargers, and Boise State Broncos! He watches Golf, Basketball, College Basketball, & Hockey too! Oh is he 100% boy. He is a sensitive lil' guy too. He LOVES animals and is so patient & nurturing to our Grimmett Girls! He is anxiously awaiting Baby Brodie Grimmett for another Boy though! I am so proud to be his Mommy!

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