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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kids Say...

So Hal loved this so much he is making me post it so we never forget!

Last night Haliee asked Hal if he knew how to do her Math Homework {She was testing his abilities} He gave her the correct answer but how he came about that answer was not how her teacher makes them figure it out so she told him he was only 1/2 correct...Which led to a brain contest of course! Our family is so competitive...So different questions...trivias...word problems... etc...Lastly, Hal asks Haliee...

Hal: "Ok Bobo, Who is the Queen of England?"
Haliee: Silence...Ummm...."Queen Latifah"

Me: Sis, she's a Rapper/Actress.

LOLOL! LOVE THE 4.0 TEENAGERS WHO CAN'T ANSWER SIMPLE HISTORY QUESTIONS...but can create amazing in depth power point presentations and algebra is a breeze :)

Happy Friday!


Samantha said...

How cute! That is so funny! It is amazing how these kids are today, so smart, and doing algebra way faster then when they taught it to my friends and I. We did not get it till at least 9th grade, now it's more like 6th! You have the best kiddos, Tab!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

Thanks girl! She is a mess & YES, it is crazy what they are learning these days! HUGS!

Haliee said...

Hey! ok so this is not fair i didnt know there would be a facebook and blog post about this!!!!!! and ps the queen of england is Queen Elizabeth!!! Luv u mom!!! <3