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Friday, September 3, 2010

Movie Night 2010

Last night we hosted another movie night! It was super fun except it was a lil' chilly like in the 50's chilly! BRRRRR...! There were kids everywhere! They LOVED the homemade root beer & we even made Cream Soda because Mikey wanted it & whatever the Grimmet's want, Pabba gives them lol! I can't believe I forgot to take a pic of the soda brewing...people were trying to watch the movie so I didn't want to bug them too much with my flash! I got some "Oh heck, Tab's gotta blog about it" Grumbles *wink* I lightened the pics so you could see everyone!

Even Sophie was getting super excited before it started. She kept saying it needs to get dark so Hal tan make our movie on the garage & we tan have poptorn & root beer floats (we just had root beer) Tuz they are "DALICIOUS" Love that Sophie girl!
The kids LOVE making air popcorn! It is such a treat :0) Haliee even came down mid way through getting ready to help fill the bags! Even teenagers love Movie Night haha!

They made 50 bags worth!

Haliee will likely kill me for this, but...isn't her sign cute!

I'm so thankful for a super crafty OCD Husband like me! :) Love this guy!

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