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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cavity FREE!!!

Ok hearing Owl City "Dentist" in my head...AHHHH...I can't escape them! I won't punish you all with the voices in my head! :/

The kiddos had dentist appointments today! Hooray for NO cavities! We so LOVE our Pediatric Dentist! He is the best! Haliee babysits for him & his sons go to School with Drew! Their office is so beautiful & has all the fab perks!! Gaming, slides, movies in each chair (tv's mounted to the ceiling & wireless headphones), super cute assistants, treasure boxes with prizes...! The kids are always stoked to go!
Texting...we can't be awake without it!

Watching a movie during teeth cleaning/fluoride...

Still texting...I am assuming she is saying, "OMG, My Mom is totally like taking pics of us in the dentist so she can blog about it!! SOO EMBARRASSING..."

Thanks Dr. Dance! We love your office!

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Jill said...

That seriously looks like the coolest office ever. Lucky!!!

I have missed you. Summer takes me away from the computer. Your family looks happy. What happened to our summer visit???