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Monday, August 2, 2010

Thankfulness & a Giveaway!

Yesterday at Church the Associate Pastor over the Middle School led the talk. When I noticed he was leading I wondered what it would be like. He was great! In our church the topics run in different Series. Each running a certain amount of weeks. This series is titled "Respectable" Sins...Taboos we tolerate. This week the topic was: UNTHANKFULNESS.

Now, I won't give you the play by play, I am already feeling super deep this morning & will probably send most of you running. But...I thought to myself at the beginning, oh well, I am thankful, this is going to be a boring topic...I was SO WRONG {PS- Not an easy thing for me to admit!} The key he wanted us to leave with was:
  • Thankfulness is about Faith not Feelings.

Again, I am a pretty faithful person. I am thankful for everything I have, I trust HIM. But am I content? Are any of us content? As a society we have created a monster. This fast paced whirlwind we have told ourselves is necessary to survive. For Instance~ Road Rage: I am so ticked if I wait in traffic, if someone isn't in a hurry ahead of me, if I miss the signal. What if I had to walk it? Cell Phones: The most incredible gift of technology at your infinite disposal, but drop my call repeatedly and see how angry I become. What if I didn't have it at all? UNTHANKFULNESS. If someone helps you out anywhere, anytime. I know you probably say "Thank You" but in 3 minutes, have you forgotten? Were you truly thankful for that person?

Now this is probably super boring. I am not a preacher although I talk enough to be one...But I felt compelled to write this. I have really been struggling emotionally these past few months. The truth is I am thankful, I am content, I am. I am also broken, and sad, and worried, and a million other feelings that I sometimes let shadow the 1st two feelings. My husband hates his job, he works terribly long hours and it has really taken its toll. I am normally super optimistic, but after my hysterectomy, I am a deflated cheerleader. I just don't have it right now. My arms ache, my heart aches. I need him to be strong, he needs me to be strong. *we are turning to the wrong person* HE has a plan for us. I know this I believe this with all my heart. truly. I am so thankful for my precious babies, for my husband, for my family, my friends. I have more than so many. I know I am selfish for feeling this emptiness in my heart. I am trying not to long for something that cannot be. to focus on what I do have and listen more to what I need to do.

Now as I pour my heart out so embarrassingly actually, I leave you with a giveaway...

So maybe you won't think I am completely crazy! Since I truly am so thankful for you all. For friendships, for supporting me so I am able to stay home and be here with these 2 precious gifts {as they make messes, destroy my house, make memories which have no price tag}. Since I probably don't say Thank You enough... I am giving away a set of custom hair bows to a random commenter from this post. Feel free to comment~ yes Tab, YOU'RE NUTS :) Giveaway will close August 9. PS~ You can totally enter the giveaway by saying, pick me pick me, lol! I was meaning to post my feelings followed by a pay it forward {giveaway} & it kind of all ran together! :)


The Ratcliff's said...

Tab, you're nuts. JK. you ARE SO NOT nuts!!! in the life we live we are so quick to forget the stuff that matters and just stop and be thankful for what we have-big or small. its hard to do, but doing it makes me feel better!

angieoquinn said...

Tab, you are so NOT crazy!

It is so very hard to put faith in Him and trust that He has a plan, especially when life is not going the way that we plan. I went through a similiar phase a couple of years ago and I cannot begin to describe the emptiness that I felt inside. But I prayed and said outloud everyday that He had a plan for my family...even though I had doubts at the time. Eventually, I began to feel better and actually believe deep down in that plan. He heals all pain and putting faith in Him and being thankful for what He has given us truly makes the difference;-)

Hugs and prayers!


Samantha said...

Oh sweet lovebug~
You are NOT crazy, at all. You are human and have been dealt a huge life altering change, and you are doing all you can to digest it, and move on. But, we all take things in, our own way, and even though we know that God is with us,and has a wonderful plan, we also know we need time.Eventually, you will embrace this time in your life, but right now you are a work in progress.
I have never met you, but I know that you are not selfish, at all, instead, you are selfless, and full of grace,and faith. You are inspiring as a human,and an amazing mama and wife! Just know that all storms come to an end, and this one will yield a sunny day, I am sure!
HUGS,my friend...

OliBeli said...

Tab, I feel like this whole post came from me. I have so much to be grateful for, yet I often find myself complaining about things that are just absurd for me to complain about. My husband hated his job so much and it was really affecting the whole family so when an opportunity arose for him to get out of it, we took it, but that caused a whole wave of issues. I gave up this, I gave up that, things aren't working out how I wanted them to. Then I think, shut up girl! You have a husband who is still madly in love with you after 23 years! You have 5 healthy beautiful children, a nice home, so what if you don't OWN IT, you LIVE in it. You have food in your belly and clothes on your back. Children are dying, people are starving, there is so much pain in the world and I have the NERVE to complain??? We recently put a bid in on a house and it was not accepted because the owners were in such deep financial trouble they couldn't accept it and instead of me being bummed, it was a wake up call. That could have been us! So now I am focusing on making what we have now the BEST! I am a complainer and I really need to check myself sometimes! We all have those moments and then we all get reeled back. I'm not sure God so much has a plan for me, but has given me free will to make my own plans and appreciate the results :-) I think life is what you make of it :-)

Love you Tab!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thank You so much beyond words! XOX

nana said...

Hi Tab, yes it's me, and I'm finally leaving a comment, not that I need the bows, but I wouldn't turn them away either. I just have to tell you how proud I am of you. You gave my sister a run for her money, and had me wondering... But I tell you what. I am grateful for the Tab you turned out to be. You are absolutely amazing, and I think you are a fabulous woman. I am glad you have faith, I am so glad to have HIM to depend on. So grateful for my blessings. Proud of you Tab! Love you... Aunt Pam

Judith of Pink PolkaDot Originals said...

I am thankful that God loves the unlovable and that His mercies are new each day. Like the Israelites, I have complained! Lord forgive me, please. Thank you for providing our needs rather than our greeds!

I thank God for my new Fusion Co family. Thank you for including me!

PS: If I win the bows, I'm going to auction them for Hope for God's Children's Fall launch!

audreysattic said...

The most wonderful thing is that you are able to stay home with your children. I stayed home with mine until my youngest was in first grade. It was the best thing that I ever did. Good luck to you.

kaydensgracedesigns said...

You are all so amazing! Thanks Truly! :)

love said...

it is amazing how quickly we can forget, isn't it? thank God for grace and for the reminders He gives us!

Bella Sera Boutique said...

Tabitha, the contest is over but I am so glad that I read your post. It had me in tears thinking about what God must think of how I have not been thankful for some things. Odd that I would find this blog now, because I have been addressing this issue for a little while. Your post really made me think about how blessed I really am and most of all, how thankful that I have HIM in my life as King of my life. Thanks Tab for sharing. I will be praying for I know that you are not alone in all this...HE is with you always. Thanks for giving me a wake-up call Tab. I needed it! Hugs!