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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids to Work Day!!! :0)

Today is National Kids to Work Day & Kohl's is too cool! As a corporation they recognise this day and this is the agenda they sent out! Haliee is off to work with Daddy and even gets to sit in on some interviews today! LOL, can you imagine going to an interview all nervous to walk in and see a kid sitting there! The only down side is they have to be 10 or older, so Drew was less than thrilled, lol! He tried to stay home and go to work with me ,lol, but I shot that idea down. I am however going to surprise him with lunch at school today!!! Here is the memo I thought it was so cool they did this as a corporation I had to share. Everything is so money driven these days, I was so impressed with them caring about kids. I think it is one of the few honest family compassionate "BOXES" left, so SHOP AT KOHL'S~ "Where you can Expect Great Things" *wink*


I have been so busy and my internet and landline (it is cable) were down for 3 days, AHHHH, so I am so busy trying to find my happy place after surgery, etc. Monday was Haliee's birthday, so I will be posting about that. She is having her party in a few weeks as that was the soonest we could fit it in with the kids and Daddy playing ball! Saturday is Hal's birthday and also my "Other" Dad's 50th birthday party, AHHHH! Calgon...Finally, I have a new set of sweet bowsies up for our fairytale launch. I have about 20 sets in my head, but I have too many customs to bring them into fruition just yet, they will be coming! :0) Here they are Sweet Euro Fairy Princess! I hope you like them! HUGS!!!!

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