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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & My Poor Man!

Man, we have had an eventful few days! Hal had surgery to remove a tumor on his neck on Friday morning, it was a relatively minor procedure and the dr. thinks it is benign, but I will feel alot better next week when we receive the results. Please pray for him. Anyhow, as they were taking out the breathing tube, his esophagus spasmed & it made his lungs suck in fluid & blood, so when he woke up he was coughing blood and his oxygen level was like 58%. FREAKED ME OUT because they weren't letting me in to see him. So I threw a Tabby tantrum & they finally let me back 3 hours later. :( His dr. was in another surgery and they wanted him to look at him. They did a chest xray and they thought there were nodules on his lungs (possibly cancerous) so they wheeled him over for a ct scan & then numbed his throat & scoped him (poor guy). *sigh* So it turned out to be the fluid & blood in his lungs not nodules and they just kept him overnight on oxygen and the iv to push all the junk out of his lungs.

He wasn't able to be mobile as the oxygen was in the wall, so the kids & I stayed the night in the hospital with him so I could help him potty instead of the nurse. LOL, he is so shy, when I went back to see him at 1st when he was coughing blood, etc. he had his clothes around his ankles trying to get himself dressed while no one was looking. He was traumatized by the gown. So I dressed the crazy guy. The sleeping arrangement was fun! The nurses were too cool to the kids, but Drew & I slept in a hospital bed and Haliee slept in the fold out chair, lol! Between bathroom breaks, vital checks, and the elbow, knee, & fists to my body and face by my sleeping son, I got little sleep. To top it off, Drew had opening day and his 1st ball game the next morning at 8:30 am! So, I got them up at 6:45 and ran home to shower us all. Papa Ken came and took Drew to his events in the pouring rain I might add :( I was so sad I missed it. And Haliee & I ran back to the hospital to be with Daddy.

They did another chest xray that am and all was well so we came home yesterday afternoon. He is so sore from coughing and the yucky scope. He is ok but super nauseous. We got Daddy settled & I ran and got his prescriptions, etc. He has a drainage tube in his neck for a few days, so I am changing bandages. I got into the fridge to boil the eggs for dyeing, but my Mom used them while we were in the hospital, lol. SO....I ran out the market again really quick. Of course we couldn't find the Easter baskets last night as they were in the garage behind some heavy boxes Daddy can't help us with! We improvised! "Makin' Memories" right!

Good thing The Easter Bunny always comes through for us right! The tooth fairy also paid us a visit in the night as Haliee lost a tooth! The kids got tons of fun goodies, moolah, movies, etc. They were jazzed! Hal is still not feeling well so I am scared to leave him even for church & I am super sad. :( We are just going to hang today. Do some more eggs, and I can catch up on some chores around here. We decided to do Easter with the family next weekend, I am the cook in the family, so everyone is waiting for me lol!

Please pray for us next week when we receive the biopsy results. Happy Easter everyone. I am so thankful for this day and I guess my husband having the procedure this weekend just makes it all the more real. HUGS to your family on this wonderful day! :0)

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Sharon said...

Poor Hubby! I hope that he is feeling better. I will say a prayer for good test results