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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Mom's Day & CUTE Customer request!

Ok, so I finally have a moment to post more about Mom's Day! We had a fun and chill day! The kiddos sent me back to bed as I get up before them to make me breakfast in bed, lol! I had toast with grape jelly, very scrambled eggs, creamer with coffee (HA!), and some ghiradelli chocolate! Yum! They were so cute though! Next we went to church. I LOVE my church no kidding it is so fun! I am so glad to have found it seriously. They started the service with some great scriptures about Mom's, then the pastor brought his Mom up on stage to talk about life, his childhood, etc. during which he repeatedly said, "Mom, if I knew you would throw me under the bus, I may have had to rethink you coming up here" Ha, it was really funny. Then they did a survey to see what Mom had the greatest amount of kids 11 was the largest in the sanctuary for our service and won some "Good and Plenty's", the most unique name won the "Whatchamacalit", the family who traveled the farthest for the holiday won "Hugs", and the largest baby
(11 lbs.) which I came in 2nd dang it, lol, won "Whoppers" too cute!

Next, we had lunch with Daddy because he had to work :( Of course I had to run to get some marabou, so we went to Michael's and they were doing a cookie decorating for Mom's Day, so the kids made me these...

Then my parents came over and we went out to eat at a yummy Italian restaurant called Ciao Mambo's, my little sister brought me a Coldstone Cake for dessert! I got some really cute clothes from Hal and the kiddos! My Mom and the kiddos also got me the most beautiful Mom Heart Necklace! It was great!

Now onto some cuteness! One of my favorite customer's daughter is playing t-ball this year and they are sponsoring her team, so what else shall the diva need, but...Bows to match her uniform! Of course this diva needed zebra, korkers, and marabou for the ball field, What else right!? Ok, and...of course she needed them for...THE ENTIRE TEAM! How cute is this! Who needs mad skills for intimidation when you have boutique! I just had to share! I LOVE them!

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Beki said...

You are amazing Tab. I'm glad that you had a wonderful mothers day. I love you.