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Monday, May 25, 2009

We are back and some sad news :(

We are home! YAY! It was so much FUN! A great time, mostly great memories, I can't wait to share! Friday was so stressful, taking such a BIG Group took planning, I had orders to get out, snacks to bake, food to pack, amongst suitcases, camping supplies, etc. Then we have boat garb: towels, sunscreen, suits, life jackets, tubes, knee boards, etc. So, in the early morning, Hal went to uncover the boat and de-winterize it for our trip. This is what he found when he uncovered it...The weight of the snow had busted out 2 of the windows and totally bent the frames :( I am so sad. UGH! We totally took precaution of this. We used stabilizers so the snow wouldn't sag the cover down, we removed the snow a few times, no avail. Hal cleaned it all up, but I fear there will never again be bare feet in the boat. :( Needless to say ,we didn't take the boat with us. *sigh* Ok, I will be back later to show you pics of our fun camping adventure!

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Jumpin Jilli Bean Baby said...

Oh my word.....this is devastating! Especially when you are getting ready to leave for your trip. :( SOOO sorry this happened Tab! :(