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Monday, May 25, 2009

Maypole Presentation!

The 5th Graders do a Maypole Presentation every year at our school during the Volunteer Appreciation Assembly. This year was bittersweet to see my baby girl up there as a BIG BAD 5th Grader! I can't believe this is already our 4th year here! WOW! Anyway, excuse my pics, I was running late, so I just turned on my camera and snapped away, at least I have pics right?
Also, Haliee looks so serious in all the pics. Afterwords, I asked if she felt ok because i knew she was excited to do it. She said she was so nervous she would mess everyone up, she was totally concentrating, lol! :0)

Here is my little man waiting to watch his sister's show with his class :0)

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