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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working Conditions...

I really LOVE my job for numerous reasons, but the best perk is...being home! I am finishing up a huge order today so I was working on it all weekend! Here are some pics of the sweet sounds, sights, & smells I was able to have at work this weekend!

We are so glad to see the weather finally warming up, it was so fun to see the kids doing normal activities outside! A little tether ball & cartoon tag! They kept doing *Inka Binka Bottle of Ink* to decide who was it 1st, hearing it made me smile! I have missed seeing their shiny sunscreen faces!

We made some homemade molasses rolls! The kids always get a kick out of watching the dough rise! Yum! (Pay no attention to the mess on my kitchen table, I had just gone to Costco and the market)

The other 2 girls are my neighbor babies! These girls are the 2 extra kids we wish we were able to have! If we could kidnap them forever we would! They practically live here which is fine by us! They go to ball games with us, camping, boating, everything they can! Sophie is 2 1/2 and will climb through the doggie door to come over to our house if her Momma isn't watching! :0) Zoe is 6 and says her last name is Grimmett-Hunter! She says the extra room is hers which is fine by us, but her Mommy & Daddy may have a slight problem with it, ha!! I LOVE these girls so much!
PS~ I was writing this before I took the kids to school and Haliee came in to say..."Mom, are you going to photo shop those dead spots out of the lawn?" Ummm, NO, I have no time for that! "Well, Dad is going to have a heart attack if he sees this" Ha!, OCD Definitely lives here! Since this is only our 2nd warm weekend of the year it takes a little more than tlc and fertilizer to perk our lawn up immediately! But, Daddy is psycho about his yard! I don't mind though! *wink* I just thought it was funny Haliee noticed! We are creating more OCD monsters! Notice the dead spot where Drew has killed the lawn from too much tether ball! Daddy was needing to breathe in a bag when I told him he had to deal with it!

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