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Friday, May 29, 2009

Penguins, Picnics, Pizza Parties, & Precious Babies!

What a week!~ I have been running around like a maniac! I promise to edit the best camping trip ever pics, SOMEDAY, lol! Anyway, here is a few little moments of our life this week!
Thursday was Drew's last game, then the pizza party/awards ceremony immediately following! Zoe & Sophie went with us and everyone had a blast! Here is Sophie on the way to the game with Haliee's Peace Scarf on, lol! :0)

Here is Drew waiting for and going to get his award, I swear he ran away so fast I couldn't even snap the pic of him receiving it. UGH!

Today was the Chorus Picnic for all the kiddos who were in Chorus this year! These girls are such goofs! LOVE them!
Drew had to an Animal Report due Monday and he chose Penguins! They are his total CRACK! He LOVES Penguins. He did a diorama too, ALL BY HIMSELF! I held my OCD back and let him have free reign, was so hard! So cute!

Today while I was making dinner the kids were just hanging out! They ran through the sprinklers, colored, etc. Sophie is addicted to all our webkins! She was a crack up trying to carry them everywhere. She would take about 3 steps & scream Hadee...HELP...really heabby! LOL! Silly Girl!

I am so glad to have these girls! They love to be here and we love them here!!!

Haliee has a Softball Tournament all weekend and an awards ceremony afterwards! Crazy Crazy time of year! Never a dull moment for us Hunters! :0) Happy Weekend! HUGS Tab

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Katarina said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!
We are 2 weeks away from the finals:)So sorry about the boat, hope that you have managed to repair it.