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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day!

Hal has to work today so the kids and I are going to Church and we'll celebrate Valentine's Day at dinner. I have a yummy dinner planned for my loves! Hal and My Anniversary is Feb. 17 so we'll celebrate our love that day & the following weekend! Today is FAMILY LOVE Day! :0) I hope everyone is super spoiled in LOVE today! *HUGS*

Here are some pics from Drew's Class Party!

Waiting patiently for all their goodies!

Drew's Valentine box made by Haliee with LOVE

Here are some other cute boxes! They are the most creative one's I have ever seen in all my years at Class parties! The Frog one is actually a kit you can purchase now! Who knew? Totally cheating but still super cute!

Haliee is not so much loving being in Middle School where there are no more class parties! Luckily she gets out 45 minutes before him, so she loves to crash his parties! I thought this pic was funny because I have the one below it almost exactly the same but it's from a day in Haliee's Kindergarten Class. Look at my big babies *sniff*

Torrey & Megan being Silly after Fun Dips!
These 2 have total crushes on my Drewy! :0)
Cookie Decorating & my special cookie Drew made me with LOVE
And finally Mrs. Olin opening all her LOVE notes & trying to simmer those sugar highs! Thank goodness we had fruit & veggie trays too!

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