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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ahhhh To be the Mommy of a Pre-Teen!

You know you have a pre-teen if:

  • Your cell phone sings Justin Bieber full volume when you receive a text but you have no idea how to even upload a song on your phone!
  • You randomly post comments on friends blogs as "Bo-Bo" because she has logged you out and herself in!
  • There are 5 changes of clothing laid out every morning that don't belong to you!
  • You wake up 20 minutes early so you can wake her to flat iron her hair!
  • You drive to the School to pick her up only to receive a phone call as you turn the corner asking permission to go to a friends. Atleast you are available to give all her other walking friends a ride home!~
  • On days she does come home with you, She doesn't take 1 breath in the entire 5 minute drive home because that would pause the story of her day!
  • EVERY conversation has several "OH MY GOSH*LIKE*TOTALLY*& WICKED" plugged into it!
  • You are now completely a taxi driver without pay especially on weekends!
  • Nothing that belongs to you is really yours anymore, you must search for it in places you didn't ever place it!
  • Cleaning up after yourself is "STUPID"
  • You hear the rationalization of how IPODS & TEXTING help you do your homework!
  • Clearance is so cool when you are spending your own money!
  • You don't have to match socks because wearing mismatch is AWESOME!
  • You are cRaZy for not thinking all fast food tastes A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
  • You so don't feel old enough for the teenager who someone allowed to mutate into your daughter!!!
  • You do however feel old & tired at 10:30 pm when your daughter and her friend can't make up their mind what house they are sleeping at so you can taxi and GO TO BED!

WOW! My baby girl has changed so much this year! I am convinced Middle School has some kind of growth hormone in their water! Although...I wouldn't change a thing! She is such a good girl! I am proud of her integrity and compassion thus far! She is a mess and I love her little baby guts out! This is a fun, exciting, and scary adventure!

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Letti said...

I totallu understand this post except I have teenage boys that have lots of girls that are I do not like the Jr. High years. so far they are going pretty good though but I am ready for High School.