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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun Times...

On my way home from dropping my Drewy this morning I was flipping through the stations and this Brad Paisley song came on. I have always loved this song, I think it should be played every morning following the pledge in every Middle & High School in America. Now *I* knew everything so it wouldn't have helped me HA! some of these sweet kiddos struggle every single day and I just feel for them if we could only help them all see past Friday Night! I am so far so great for my babies! Ok, sorry I am a nerd I know!

We have had a great past few weeks! So busy but great FUN! Last week, we met My Dad and other Momma in Pendleton, Oregon for a fun little getaway. It is almost perfectly halfway between Coeur d Alene and Boise and they have an Indian Casino need I say more?! :0) My parents recently bought a 50 ft. motorhome and it was their maiden voyage! That thing is a beast!!! So nice, tile floors, corian countertops, flatscreens, and tooo many buttons!!! Hal and Dad spent the weekend figuring it all out (or trying) We had been planning it since Christmastime but the kiddos had no idea! So after almost blowing it a few times, & after I dropped off the kiddos at school Thursday morning I cleaned(why cuz I'm a nerd) like mad, shopped, packed, got some food ready for the dinners i was in charge of, loaded the car, paid bills, answered emails, got my bow orders out, went to work for a few I had some appointments, and phew had the car packed down before Haliee got out at 2:30. Now of course I ran to pick her up, she jumped in shotgun like always, but...immediately noticed the suitcases and pillows, etc. in the back. (She never looks behind the 1st back seat) So, Hal & I had decided we'd fib to them if they asked...Now back up 2 weeks prior, the plasma tv in our bedroom (yes I said bedroom, don't judge me, not my idea. But...I have a great husband who provides for us, is a good man, Dad, etc. Not in the bars or strip joints, ha! So he can have whatever tv he wants just don't tell him I said so cuz I have to complain like a good wife) broke. So he had been pouting for a few days as I repeatedly told him we didn't need a new one, we could use the picture tube from the toy room :0) My point is coming...
So our excuse to the kids was, we are going to Seattle because they have a Circuit City going out of business and Daddy wants to go get a new T.V. lolol! They bought it hook, line, and sinker! They were happy to go and hoped we'd spend the night! :0) So after a pit stop through Sonic we were off. When we got to Tri-Cities I thought for sure they's suspect something, but nope, they didn't realize this wasn't the way we go to Seattle. I kept complaining about how it was ridiculous to go all this way for a tv, I didn't want to spend the $, blah, blah so they totally bought it! When we were just outside of Pendleton Drew questioned us saying it looked like the way to Boise, but believed me when I said you could get to Seattle this way too (which is true btw it is just a very long way around) Haliee was too busy texting and listening to music to notice anything! So we played it off until we pulled into the casino's RV park! :9) It was really fun to surprise them! They were so happy! They had Rib Eye's on the grill waiting for us mmmm....LOVE! Funny story too because there was some sort of problem with the convection oven and it would go off after every minute so my poor Mom had to push the button every minute until the baked potatoes were finished! Now thats dedication!

We had so much fun, gambling, talking, watching movies, playing games, swimming, & just hanging out! Hal and the kids even got in the sauna YUCK! We pretty much had the whole park to ourselves as most people aren't Rv'ing in January in snow country~! Of course I am a loser and didn't take pics again! UGH! I did try at the pool once but my camera had been in the freezing car so as soon as I took it into the humid building it had moisture all over it and I was worried I'd ruin it if I kept it in there. So here is the only pic I have of the trip...Drew is actually in the pool right in from of me but you can't even see him because the lens is all foggy and wet.
:( It was really fun though! I am so thankful for a great family!! I am also thankful for my bestie love and neighbor Erin who always keeps our pets for us so we can travel!
Hal had this entire week off and it was so great to have him home! He had a comp week for working like a slave all Christmas Season long. So we went to Pendleton and then just had a staycation! We hung out all week while the kids were in school we watched movies (yes he got a new tv hence the staycation) and played games/watched movies, hung out as a family!

For Superbowl weekend, Friday night we went to Church so we would have the day to cook and get ready for Superbowl on Sunday. My other Mom and Dad came over and hung out. We went out to yummy Chinese & played Pit on Saturday and ate tons of yummy food while we watched the game on Sunday! Nat stayed the weekend too of course her and Haliee are inseparable so its par for the course :0)

Today is Hal's last day off before everything is back to normal. I am sad he has to go back but I need to get back in my routine and get my booty in gear! I hopefully will be neglecting my blog a little less this week! I have several things to post about that are so old! It's almost Softball/Baseball season when I completely lose my identity and don't sleep for a few months as they are really going to 2 different directions every single day, I need to gear up for that and hopefully get some bows going now! :0)

And just because this is an extra nerdy post I have to share my latest couponing. I separated my groceries to show Hal what I got free (It's one of his favorite things about me *NOT* I make him look at what I got FREE every.single.time. I go to the store!) but it is so exciting! (For ME) YAY! Look at all my freebies this trip! I heart coupons!
Ok stay tuned for some cute m2m The Childrens Place this week. I have some customs to get out so I hope to get some St. Patty's Day & Easter out at the end of the week or beginning of next. I also have to upload the "Horror Flick" and it's outtakes the kids made this weekend. It is so funny~! I LOVE their creative litle guts out all of them! Happy Monday! HUGS

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