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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

14 Years...

Lookie what was sitting in my Computer Chair this morning! I love him! Little Sneak!
Happy Anniversary to US! It has been an awesome 14 years! I LOVE this Man to pieces!

14 things I LOVE about My Man...Let me try not to copy last years 13...

  • He is so loving.
  • He is a great husband
  • He is a great Daddy
  • He is a super hard worker
  • He is obsessed with Chapstick
  • He has a new phobia of eating with his hands lol!
  • He is also obsessed with his lint roller
  • Hmmm can you say OCD lol ok that doesn't count
  • He loves loud music in the car
  • He loves to spoil us
  • He can't roller skate
  • He can though skateboard well
  • He LOVES junk food
  • He is so stubborn
  • He loves to people watch

He is so much fun, always witty, and a jokester. He loves us all so much and works so hard to give us whatever we want always. He never complains about anything I do, what I spend, anything. He does however tease me about my compulsive (his words) couponing! I am so thankful for this Man, he is my best friend and the love of my life! I am so lucky to be his wife. I so look forward to the next 14!

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Beki said...

Congrats. Wow 14 years. I remember your wedding like it was not that long ago. I love you guys.