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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Davenport!

So I forgot to post on our Anniversary, Hal & I went to lunch at our FAVORITE Hotel! On our 10 year anny Hal surprised me with a staycation here at the Davenport. He booked us the Cutter Suite (he is the architect who designed the place in 1913.) He thought of everything, booked me a spa package, when I returned to the room, there were roses, chocolate covered strawberries, you name it! Now every year we go have lunch there as it is so beautiful! The food is amazing! Everything about the place is amazing. We always go look around in every nook and cranny! It so reminds me of the Titanic. They have completely restored the place. This trip we were reading all the stuff they have tucked away in their little curios all around the top floor and discovered Amelia Earhart stayed there in 1933, so cool! Here are some pics I hijacked from their site! The lobby is so beautiful too but the pics were on a flash player so i couldn't steal them. It has a grand piano, fountain, just so pretty. Here is the linky if you want ot see more or read some of the history!

If you ever come to Spokane, you must stay here! It is AWESOME! Hal so wants Haliee to get married here so he can dance his 1st dance with her in the Hall of Dogess (It's the room with the awesome painting on the ceiling!) Isn't it beautiful!!

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