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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last night we went to Church for the Friday night service instead since Hal and I are abandoning (ha, they think we are wrong to leave them at their Grandparents for an Anniversary weekend!). I was asked last week to help in the Kids Quest (K - 5) as the Middle & High School kids were at camp so most of the youth helpers were there chaperoning as well. Haliee and I helped and Hal went to the regular service. Afterwords, Daddy surprised us with a trip for a Gooey!

At the CDA Resort they have the yummiest Ice Cream Sundaes called Gooey's. They are HUGE & 1 of them will feed 4 easily! It is right on the water and 5 minutes from the house! The kids LOVE it! Me too! I tried to take a pic of one from their website but it wouldn't let me copy & paste. So here is the link if you want to see the gooey! Here are the pics of the restaurant from their site.

Afterwards, we were laying in my bed watching the Olympics, Drew was laying in between Hal & I but opposite us. So his feet were right next to Hal's head. Hal kept asking what that weird smell was, and finally he realized. Ewww...Drew it's you feet. YUCK. To which Drew replied, "Well, Don't worry Dad, the smell isn't much better down here either." LOL! I Laughed so hard! Witty little stink! Take that Dad!
Off to a snuggly weekend with my husband! Well, we'll see about the snuggles, one can hope right! :0) It'll be a nice time with my husband uninterrupted none the less! I'll take it!

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