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Monday, February 15, 2010

The BEST Family LOVE Day EVER!!

Yesterday may have been the BEST Valentine's Day of my life! It was such a fun day! I LOVE being a Mommy every day, even the grumpy ones, but yesterday...TOPS the Charts! We had so much fun just being in LOVE!

It began like any other Sunday morning (Or at least the kiddos thought so!) I drank my coffee and sat at my computer (like every morning) answering emails, reading blogs, etc. I bet they thought I forgot. Hal was at work, I told them to shower for Church...Now normally every Valentine's Day all our food is red or pink, St. Patty's It's green, etc. I'm a theme girl. So I bet they were thinking, well where's our special breakfast!?! While they were upstairs getting ready, I whipped up some pink heart pancakes and pink vanilla milkshakes (hey it's a special day) When I called them down they were so surprised (especially by the milkshakes! Junk for breakfast?) AWESOME!!! :0)

P.S. Hal made fun of the fancy Chinet plates at breakfast. Come on' We needed to get ready for Church!

Church was great. An entire service based around LOVE, Family, Marriage, Commitment...I actually sat next to Haliee's teacher & his wife! FUN! :0) If only my Man wasn't stuck at work.

When we got home I made Hal lunch & took it to him. I made the kiddos heart shaped grilled cheeses, tomato soup, & Strawberry Slushies :0) I LOVE seeing their little over the moon faces!

After they finished I kicked them out of the kitchen so I could start the surprise dinner!! They had their own little trick up their sleeve so they quickly ran upstairs to get started! Hal is a little weirded out by the colored food, so for dinner I planned a menu around naturally colored red, pink, & white :0) Hal & Drew LOVE my lasagna (Sorry Haliee, she hates ricotta, so she just takes it out!) It was hard to hide all the baking because everything was from scratch so there was alot of mixing, rising, etc. They kept coming down to check if the coast was clear, lol, so I'd cover up everything and let them pass!

The Menu:
  • Salad
  • Lasagna
  • Heart Rolls
  • Sherbet Punch
  • Cranberry Bliss Cheesecake Bars

The kids LOVE Candlelit dinners and special place settings so I made us each place cards with our names. I also made them wait for their gifts until we could open them as a family, so they were extra anxious for Daddy to come home & dinner to be ready!!!

Finally @ 6:45...Dinner was served!!! They were so so so excited by the ambiance :0) I guess I should've gotten out the cloth napkins & tablecloth, but they didn't notice!!
Haliee got a new Aero shirt, Drew some new WWE action figures. Hal got me the sweetest card, some yummy Godiva chocolates, and chocolate covered almonds. Drew made us this sweet card at School!
Saving the very best for last was the kiddos surprise to us...
They worked on this surprise for a few hours as I cooked. They are so creative and it is by far the most perfect gift they have ever given this Momma!!! I had no idea what they were doing up there. They asked for wrapping paper, but I just assumed it was to wrap our gift! WRONG! They made us this life sized card! The front is hard to read because of the lighting, but it says Happy Valentine's Day! Love: Haliee & Drew 2010
When you open it up it has different scrapbook pages taped together to form the card. Each side of the card represents 1 kiddo. They traced each others bodies on their side and wrote little notes to us on the pages representing what they are thankful for and love us for. I.E. On Drew's side there is a sport page. It reads "Thanks for always coming to watch every one of my games."
Next they taped 2 envelopes on each side. 1 to each of us from each of them. Inside are handmade cards with love notes written on them. Again writing how much we mean to them and how thankful they are for us. For our commitment as parents, Daddy for working so hard, Mommy for always being there for them...IT MELTED OUR HEARTS. I was blown away. Everything was so sweet, so personal. They wrote the kindest words. I LOVE these babies more than they will ever know.

This was the best day! The least money spent ever and the best gifts I have ever received...LOVE, family time, precious gifts, & memories. I am so thankful for MY husband and babies. I don't know I deserve them. They make me strive to be the very best person I can be. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams...

After dinner we all piled into our bed and watched the Olympics as a family. When we came downstairs to turn everything off for bed. The kids were talking about how glad they were we were such a close family. How sad they were for kids who didn't have loving parents and siblings, and how much they loved each other. How LUCKY they were! Again, MELTED MY HEART. My kids are so close. Drew hates it when Haliee sleeps over at a friends. Haliee usually calls him to say goodnight. I have the best kids on the planet! Tonight is a night I wish I could freeze time! I tried to soak it all in the best I could! I am SO THANKFUL for LOVE.

This is going to be a great week! My Anniverary is Wednesday...YAY!

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Beki said...

Your family is the best. I love everyone too. Can we come cuddle sometime?