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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Anniversary Weekend Continued...

Are you sick of hearing about it yet? :0)

So this past weekend the kids went to my parents house so we could have a weekend of snuggles! ha ha! Anyway we had a great weekend. We decided instead of buying gifts (trying to save for Summer Vacation), we would just wing the weekend. Do whatever, not plan, just whatever. Which is HUGE for this OCD Gal! But, it was great.

We dropped the kids off Saturday morning & went to lunch at the Black Angus. Then we decided to go watch Shutter Island.
It was scary a little, and I liked it alright. It was written well, definitely misleading, but not exactly what we thought. The ending is still a bit of a mystery to us. Next we shopped around the theatre.

We went to Wolf Lodge for dinner. Seriously the best steakhouse I have ever been to. It is our favorite! It is not remotely cute. Ambiance is to be desired. Dirt Parking Lot. 100 year old building.(used to be an inn) Always packed you must make reservations. A little pricey, but AMAZING FOOD! So worth it! The kids were totally burnt, cuz it's their fav too! Sorry guys! :0)
This is the grill in Wolf Lodge. They cook right in the restaurant over a wood fire. Look at all that salt on the edge of the rock, gross! Guess that's why it tastes so good!
Then, lol, we went to see another movie! Too funny I have never been to a movie twice in one day unless it was a double feature! So we had earlier decided to see When in Rome. It looks so cute, and hey it was my turn for a chick flick after Shutter right! :0)So...we(I) bought tickets, sat down in the movie and like 20 minutes into it, Hal said. Hey weren't we going to see When in Rome. OMGOSH! I bought tickets for Valentine's Day, LOLOLOL! What a NERD! It was fine, not as good as everyone let on, but probably mostly because I planned on seeing a different movie! I'll probly never live that one down!
The next morning we just hung out and then went to Toro Viejo for lunch before going over to my parents to get the kiddos & have dinner!

The kids were spoiled! Saturday afternoon they went to watch the high school basketball games with Jeni & Papa Ken, Out to Pizza, and then Bowling! They had a blast! Sunday morning they had Papa Ken's famous Waffles & Bacon and then went on a hike at Indian Trail. After all Haliee's crap she gave me for leaving her...She had a blast & didn't miss us a bit!

What a fun chill weekend! I need more of these! Maybe Hal will rub off on my a bit more in the next 14 years! Remember I said MAYBE! No Promises!!!



The Ratcliff's said...

congrats to you guys on 14 years!! thats amazing. and sounds like you had yourselves a very nice weekend!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

Thanks sweetie!