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Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis' the Season...


I have been a mia blogger I know, just so busy! I have so much to post about, but I have been burning the midnight oil trying to get all the xmas bowsies out to my sweet customers awaiting picture appointments!

I LOVE this time of year for many reasons...yummy treats, holiday baking, old movies & time.

I am not such a fan of wrapping, decorating the exterior in the coldy, waiting 7 hours in the rain at Best Buy on Black Friday...ALONE cuz everyone bagged out on me to be in their warm snuggly bed!

I am especially not fond of my poor husband working a million trillion hours 6 days a week *sigh* gotta love retail. We eat more meals in the break room of Kohl's then home this time of year. We refuse to let our kiddos miss out on family dinner time cuz Daddy is working, so I load everything up and we have dinner at Kohl's several nights a week. It is a pain, but I am so used to it, lol, it's normal. The College kiddos who work for Hal are happy I always make too much food! :0) I love the looks of customers when we come rollin in with meatloaf, potatoes, plates, drinks, etc. I told him a want a kitchenette in there, lol!

I am so thankful he puts in so much time to provide an amazing life for us...I am so thankful that 16 years later, my heart still skips a beat when he's around, I still get excited to see his # on the caller id or his name in the textline...I LOVE my sweet Halarini so much!
Ok, I will hopefully be back next week...I have to get caught up before basketball starts!


*New Gymbo Bows & the last of the xmas cuties
*My 4.0 BABIES!
*Sophie's Disney on Ice
*Kids xmas pics
*Grimmett Fam pics
Still needing to blog about...
*Student of the Month
*Trail Creek
Apparently I'll do a summer recap of things I never got around to, lol, Like...
*the kids bdays (yeek. I'm, a LOSER)

We'll see what I actually get on here :)

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