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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our tree is finally up!

Hal was FINALLY off yesterday after 11 days straight, so we decided to put our tree up. We have been so busy this year, normally, our tree along with the "Whoobiliation" outside is up before Thanksgiving. When you live in snow country you have to get everything up early outside! This year, it's just not happening this way!
We had fun though! I made some yummy Apple Cider Doughnuts while they set the tree up. Hal was going crazy decorating the whole house. I was just not that into it as I normally am. It was great for the kids because normally I am a psycho about everything being totally perfect especially on the main tree which is the reason we have 5 trees, so they can be kids and I can be OCD. We are still missing a box somewhere so Hal improvised with a Santa hat tree topper, lol. Haliee and Drew decorated the tables, put up the nativity, the table top tree, and the trees in their rooms. I wrapped most of the gifts, I still have a pile to go. Later the Grimmett babies came over to see the tree and baby Ellie helped decorate too :0) So cute! And we can't forget the misfit toys! :0) I LOVE my house now! I am so glad Hal lit the fire to get it done.
Ellie was so funny, she kept saying "Tute" (Cute) over & over!

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Brittany said...

The Santa hat as a topper is adorable!
So creative :)