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Monday, December 21, 2009

A surprise scavenger hunt from Daddy!!

Last week Hal & I snuck out for a little lunch date while the kids were still in school! So fun, we never do this! Afterwards he wanted to stop in their favorite little boutiquey candy shop and surprise them with a treat. They have the best soft peanut brittle, caramels, truffles, YUM! We were so stuffed though, we just got them each a treat. Hal turned it into a scavenger hunt gift and they were ecstatic to have another hunt! After school they went shopping with Daddy for ME! YAY! It was his only day off. When they returned home, they almost spontaneously combusted waiting all that time for the hunt, lol! The Grimmet's stopped by to visit, so Zoe of course got in on the hunt too! :0) Hal made the Grimmet's their own stocking this year, so I just grabbed a little gift of Zoe's out of there for the hunt & All was great in Hal's Whooville :0) I even got some pics of them in the act, hooray :0)

Here they are anxiously awaiting their 1st clue! LOL @ Erin in the pic. Sophie had not napped that day and Erin was regulating a meltdown :0)

YAY! We found them!!!

Baby Ellie found "Tan-ta"
I know this pic of Sophi playing isn't all that exciting, I put it in to show you the little hands of baby Ellie coming out of the pantry with cups, lol.
Woohoo! Drew got a Santa Gumball (this candy store has cute little frosting decorated gumballs, he LOVES them, he also has a dinosaur one which he refuses to eat, apparently he is now collecting them! GREAT...)
Zoe got a Barbie Nail Polish (Sorry Erin!)
Haliee got PINK Hot Cocoa Mix. Look at that hot hair :0) Love this girlie!

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Brittany said...

So fun!
I want pink hot cocoa mix!

Where did you find that?!