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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Grimmets!

Last Tuesday we had our Christmas Brunch with the Grimmets. It was so much fun, we have to make this an annual event! It was totally STRESS FREE! So nice to hang as a group! The kids had a blast. We ate & ate, and visited! :0) Drew brought home a recipe for a Christmas Punch which was mostly fruit juice, so I made that along with some yummy fruit and monkey bread (Erin's FAV) Thanks so much you guys for being such great friends and the BEST extended family :0) Love YOU!

The Babies LOVE the new doggie gate! It is their home :0)


Present Time! Sophie was so funny if you tried to give her more than 1 present at a time she would refuse it saying: "NO, I already have mine see." She thought everyone only got 1 gift, she kept trying to get us to give her others to Hal, or Drew, or Zoe, lol!

Lov'n the Sit n' Spin Boy did I start a fight between the babies! Sorry Erin!
Mikey & Drew making Aliens....
Zoe loves to play school, so she asked me for a white board like I have for my bow orders! :0)

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