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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

$17 Santa

I took the kids to get their pictures taken this weekend. I have been wanting to get a formal pic for some time and they came out so dang cute! I'll scan them in when I get them back. Afterwards, we went shopping and to see Santa at the Mall. Drew was so excited to tell him what he wanted, making sure he gave plenty of detrails so Santa knew exactly what he wanted. Santa literally burst out laughing when Haliee told him she wanted a plasma for her room as she has outgrown her princess tv & dvd player. She was not impressed: "Mom, I can't believe he laughed at me." Well Haliee, I am sure most kids aren't thinking a plasma is a reasonable request, lol. Anyway, we purchased the small pkg. 2 3x5's to make Drewy happy, and it was $18 something with tax WHAT!!!! For a pic with Santa??? That chair he is sitting in must be solid gold! When the pic was ready, they also included a $10 giftcard to shutterfly which made it a little easier to swallow, but hello, that's a little steep for a red suit! I don't mind shelling out $ for good pics, but Mall Santa? Where's Paul Blart to regulate, ha!
PS, Do you love how nice & straight I scanned this in? :0)


Jill said...

So funny! We won't spend more than a buck on cereal but 18 for a pic with Santa ... sure thing!!! ;)

kaydensgracedesigns said...

BAHHHH! You know it~ Well, trust me if Drew wasn't so good at puppy dog eyes, I wouldn't have paid more than $1 for that either!! LOVE YOU! :0) PS, It's almost your turn for bows :)