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Monday, November 23, 2009

Haliee & Grandma "Twilight Saga"

This weekend my parents & nephew from Boise came up to visit! Haliee & Grandma are TOTAL Twilightaholics and drug me to the midnight showing! It was so crazy, we got our tickets like 5 weeks ago & they were sold out on all 13 theaters! It was SILLY how many people were there, I wish I had my camcorder so I could've captured the line of hundreds probably thousands of screaming fans! Haliee had so so much fun! We had a great visit though it is ALWAYS too short. One of these days I will remember the darned camera. I think I just forget when they are here because we don't see them nearly enough & I just don't want to miss a minute. Grandma & I went shopping, we all played games, they treated us to dinner out, and we even watched the Boise State game, lol! Hal had to work most of the time :( I am so blessed to have my parents! I LOVE that my kiddos have twice as many Grandparents, and me parents. I LOVE and appreciate them all so much.

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