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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Special Olympics

Kohl's is a really great organization when it comes to charity. They have a program called "Kohl's Cares for Kids" where they donate $500 to children related activities, events, and other organizations. Their requirements are few, 1 being some of their associates volunteer their time at the event. We have helped in several of these events, even though only Hal technically counts. I love the opportunity to give back to the community and have my children do the same learning how fortunate they are.

A few weeks ago we volunteered at the Special Olympics. We were in charge of the volleyball games as scorekeepers, line judges, and finally as the award presenters. The event leaders chose me (I don't know why, I don't have a BIG mouth or anything, lol) to call out the winner's names and announce the winners. Hal, the kids, and some other associates from Kohl's shook their hands and placed the medals around their necks. The athletes were so funny! They are SO COMPETITIVE! I loved it! They were SO SO SO Jazzed about their wins!
What a great time!

Vanessa & Carol keeping score!
Bobo & Ness
My husband so proud of his pink lei!
The games & the line judges...

This little girl was so funny. She was the most competitive of them all. Every point she would count and look at you to make sure you got their point & then cheer. If they lost the point, she would glare & pout! Haliee, Ness, & I loved her!
They were SO proud of their wins!

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