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Monday, November 2, 2009

My precious babies!!!

Haliee & Drew are so close, they amaze me! They have always been super close and as they get older, I try to condition myself to the fact this may not always be so. They are almost twin like, always thinking of one another, never wanting the other to be away. I LOVE it. I really hope it never changes....

When Haliee went to trail creek, Drew bawled because she wouldn't be home that night. Haliee made this sweet little note for him and taped it to his bar stool so when he woke up to eat breakfast before school he would find it! What a sweetie.
Then a few days later Haliee was sick. She felt like yuck and came home from school early. Drew was so worried about her, convinced it was Swine flu, lol. He made her this sweet little card when he got home from school.
I LOVE these babies! :0) I am so blessed.

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