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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drew's 1/2 time game at Lake City High School!

WOW, I am a slacker, lol! It seems like this was ages ago. Ok, let's see what I can catch up on before church this morning!! :0)
Drew's little football league played a mini game during the high school football games 1/2 time a few weeks ago! It was so cute! They looked so so little on that field! They split the field in 2 as they only play 50 yd. games. He was so excited & felt so big boy! I only cried a little when they all lined up and took the field. Ok, and when they slapped hands with the actual high school players as they exited the field. It was so so cute! The next week they had an awards ceremony (well sort of) at Pizza Factory. They had just 1 big party with 100+ boys and their families it was CHAOS! I couldn't get out of there fast enough!! So, needless to say, I didn't get any pics of him receiving his trophy because they were calling out names as fast as they could, it was ridiculously manic. NOT MY STRONG SUIT! I need organization! :0) I will add a pic of the trophy in a bit my camera batteries are charging, lol.

Oh...I also need to point out HAL took ALL the pics on the field, lol, so no blaming me for the blurry pics, hee hee hee! LOVE my Man! :0)

The peanut Gallery!!!

The big boys!

Haliee spending that hard earned cash of hers & Nat feeding her face!

The girls thinking they were BIG stuff! Too cool to be sitting on the bleachers *sigh* My parents are loving these moments of payback! :0)
Drew waiting IMPATIENTLY dying for it to be his turn on the big field!!!
Lining up to take the field

And...finally...the BIG Game! :0) We did win by the way :0)

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