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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waterpark Fun!

Last week I took the kids to one of our many waterparks (there are 6 within 25 min of my house not including the Croc Center and the Y)! This one is 5 min. from our house and is indoors. It is at a place called Triple Play. They have several activities: Bowling, Indoor WaterPark, Mini Golf, Slick Track, Lazer Tag, Rock Climb, and a ton of games! It also has an attached hotel so if you stay there you can just go through the tunnel over to all the activities! This time the kids just played in the water and played a few games! They had a blast & it was so dead in there, probably only 45 people in the whole waterpark, then towards the end, there was only about 20. I took a pic of the wavepool towards the end & my kids were the only ones in there! They never had to wait in line for the slides at all! It was great! Another cure for boredom? Let's hope so!

PS~ Sorry for the pic overload, I sat there for 5 hours while they played, so I was BORED! :0) Ohhh...that word!

The Name of the Water Park is "Raptor Reef" this is over the wave pool!

Fun in the wave pool and the spa. The spa is 1/2 indoors & 1/2 out! This is such a "cool" thing to my kids :) Lovin' their goggles, lol! I think the lifeguards were bored too with it being so slow, they were super nice to the kids and talked/played with them the whole day!

The waterslides swirl in and out of the building, so weird looking from the outside. They raced through the red tubes! Their favorite one to which they affectionately call the "toilet bowl" is actually like a whirlpool and you swirl around until it sucks your tube down the center.

There is a play structure with 2 smaller slides for the smaller kiddos! It has a huge bucket that refills and dumps all over everyone!

Here they are anxiously awaiting their fate!

Time for a snack break and some gaming :) Don't judge me, NO, I didn't make them get dressed 1st, they wanted to go back to the waterpark which was just a door away and I was too lazy to make them change twice. The older I get, the more I care about those precious smiles below and less about what those think around me. Plus, it was hilarious to see them running around with the goggles on their foreheads! MEAN Momma!

The 2nd pic cracked below me up, Haliee so elated at her "BIG" Win!

After what seemed like an are the tickets won!

Then the redemption...the prize counter to which we must always loiter for atleast 1/2 an hour regardless of our total ticket count! And finally..."The Booty" wonderful quality prizes so worth their $ right? Of course! Haliee got Hal a tie clip as part of her prizes. Why they have tie clips as prizes one will never know. I am sure this is Mecca for white collar workers who frequent arcades, lol! Interesting...


Beki said...

Wow what a fun mom you are. Can you take my kids with you next time? But they can't swim so you'll have to be in there with them. I would love to go to an empty water park with Cael. He would have so much fun.
Love you. Have fun at the reunion without me. >(

Kacey & Kandy said...

Looks like a great place!! Wish we had something like that indoors...


Brittany said...

The "Raptor Reef" is an adorable theme.

Thanks for the George Foreman grill/ panini tip! Smart girl! :)