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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Lil' "Man"

Drew is so funny! He has always had very adult tastes, wanting the finer things in life even from a toddler. He LOVES Lobster, Sushi, Blue Cheese, Asparagus, just to name a few. He has never been a super fan of fast food (love him) Even McDonalds would never be even his 5th choice. He wants Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. Anyway, I just had to take a pic at dinner last night, he has been down for a few days with the tummy flu, so as soon as he was feeling better, he told me he is craving BIG FOOD. He said, "Mom, I need a bacon cheeseburger." LOL! So, of course Mommy obliged. He loves swiss or pepper jack cheese (last night we had havarti) even grilled onions on his burger! I had to laugh when I added all the fixins to this 8 year olds burger. It looked like an audition from a Carl's Jr. commercial, lolol! Funny Boy! He was so happy! :) I had to share! Off to Ice Age 3. I hope to post more this afternoon! Have a great Summer Day!

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