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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Rough Week...and some new bows!

Phew, life is throwing me some curve balls these past few weeks! I have come to the realization {I AM NOT IN CONTROL}! Not easy, but necessary to not go insane! I am still hurting, so going back again to the doc Thursday. I have been bombarded in addition to our everyday crazy...with...a funeral which required travel, airline foul ups, extra travel, a dog in the vet, a broken printer, a car wrecked into my yard, a broken computer, a mini vacay for Drew's bday, an unexpected city bus foul up in the night with a $80 return cab fare to boot, a sickie boy, a missed staff meeting...CALGON...I will elaborate more later, but until then...think of me :0)

On the flip side, we are home, all are mostly healthy. I am thankful...trying to remain optimistic. I do realize it CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE! Makin' memories right!?! There are some really great things which happened amongst the chaos! :) I'll post soon!

I did manage to get 2 more sets of bows listed though! Hooray! only a week late! I thankfully had uploaded the pics into photo bucket before all this started happening! Ugh, but...blogger won't allow the images from the html code. :0)
Of course it won't!

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