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Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf & New Bows!

So I have been so very busy, my lack of blogging is a sad sad reality. Last week amongst customs and working, we had games, practices, hitathon fundraiser(which i was in charge of as team mom), relay for life, a birthday party, a mock trial (more on this later), a new pet, a lunch & gambling date with my Momma, the list goes on and on! I'll post more later on the mock trial as well as Haliee's Party pics (I am a loser I know).

Anyway, Hal invited me along to golf with the men yesterday! I have never golfed before and it was SO FUN! I was a sight for sore eyes let me tell ya! Haliee said she got me on video and is going to post it here, ha! She came along to drive the cart. I looked like Charles Barkley! I kept taking a full swing or "whiff" right over the ball! I did make it on the green in 2 once though! All the men said I did well and I'll take it even if they may be just making me feel good! I am such a perfectionist I got frustrated, I want to BEAT THEM! :0) I'm definitely ready to go again! I am amazed at how many back muscles we have...they are letting me know who they are today! Drew is pretty good, he hit some amazing drives! It was fun to see him play!

I am off to get Drew ready & bust out the rest of these customs. I'll leave you with my new favorite creation...Here are some new M2MG Bows for the new Citrus line. I LOVE the colors! So Yummy! I'll be back soon...

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