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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hal & Tab + Eight

This weekend was sleepover @ the Hunters weekend! :0) We had kids galore! It was fun! Everyone got along great! They ate, played, ate, made messes, cleaned, ate, danced, ate....LOL!
Friday night after Drew's practice I decided to let them have crap for dinner. I made a McDonald's run which consisted of 40 chicken nuggets, 8 cheeseburgers, 4 chicken sandwiches, a big mac, and 4 super size fries. It was ALL GONE! Wholly...PIGGIES! I made them have milk, does that make it any less unhealthy (ok not really) But I splurged & they were happy lol!
Saturday Morning they devoured a whole loaf of bread for french toast, hash browns, sausage, and a 1/2 gallon of juice!
Saturday night I made Navajo Tacos! They were in heaven! I even let them have Soda for dinner!

Hal decided it would be fun to take them all down to the resort for Gooey's. We had to take 2 cars since there were 10 of us! Haliee snapped pics of very excited Grimmett Girls on the ride there. Hal had all the rest of the tweenie girls rockin' out in his car! :0)

I just have to say sorry to those of you with large families. I couldn't believe the looks we got. I wanted to say YES, they are ALL mine and YEP, I home school too! You see I have always been the normal 2+2...well mannered kids...etc...The stereotype. I usually have at least 2 more with me, but you know what I mean. I never realised how rude people are. They had no idea if we had $2 or $2 million to our name...Not that it should matter anyway. We received looks and waited longer to be seated, 10 minutes for a waitress, etc. The kids were all pretty well behaved. The babies were a little ancy, but other than that, it was great, no crying, fighting, etc. The looks were completely unwarranted.

Waiting to be seated

Our waitress was actually great. She was preggo with her 5th, so she brought out water with lids for all the little ones, etc. She got it!

The kids were clueless, they had a blast. Sophie pouted for a bit as she wanted her "own" gooey. Sorry sister, they are huge. Hal decided to order fries too to keep the babies still. Great idea, he was right!

I am so thankful for a patient husband, this is exactly what I wish my family was, so I am glad he is willing to always have transplant babies! :) What a fun weekend of little voices, feet, giggles!

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